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                 Founded in 2007, CMOLO is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with sales resellers around the world. It is
                 one of the world's top 5 turnstile brands.  It is dedicated to creating safe, efficient, and comfortable access
                 management systems for customers. 

                 CMOLO is a National High-Tech Enterprise which focusing on manufacturing turnstiles. We set up the professional 
                 turnstile laboratory and adhere to independent research and innovation. We are the holder of multiple core 
                 patents, filling the blanks of cutting-edge technologies in the field of turnstile.

                 CMOLO has  a 10,000㎡ manufacturing base equipped with advanced production facilities, such as numerical
                 control machines, fiber cutters, slot shaping machines, etc. The monthly production capability is 1,000 lanes.

                 What  do we do?

                 Ever since our establishment, we’ve been manufacturing one product only—Turnstile.

                 The power of concentration generates innumerable creativity out of us.

                 What are CMOLO’s strengths?

                 We challenge with one product constantly. We challenge the difficulty of the industry; we challenge the top
                 brands in Europe. Gradually, we become the strongest challenger.

                 Among Chinese suppliers, we are the only one that can challenge European brands in terms of quality and

                 Why CMOLO was founded?

                 We carry a simple dream: develop and manufacture turnstiles with concentration and seriousness to help our
                 customers succeed.

                 Driven by this  dream, we carry out continuous developments and innovations in turnstile industry with an
                 innovative thinking of manufacturing and customer-oriented approach in mind. We make every effort to build
                 the most competitive products, and, step by step, we are becoming a global leading brand in turnstiles.

                 Why CMOLO is able to make it

                 With concentration on only one product, we are working towards one direction, and the centripetal force
                 glomerated pushes us to climb to the top of the industry.

                 With concentration and innovation, we turned lots of the impossible into possible. We constantly actualize and
                 surpass the quality and technology that people in the industry thought were impossible in China.