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1.8m High Speed gate Turnstile Technology


The body of the speed gate turnstile is relatively thin, covering small area, with high degree of plasticity in appearance, so it is widely used in our daily life. But there is one big disadvantages of speed gate turnstile, that is, pedestrian can jump over the turnstile, so optical turnstile gate is the preferred choice for the high security requirements of the occasion. Optical turnstile gate cannot be jumped over and the passing speed is faster, but the price is more than twice as much as speed gate turnstile. Is there a speed gate turnstile cannot be jumped over, and the price is relatively cheap? To meet this requirement, CMOLO has developed an anti-shake smooth-running 1.8mhigh speed gate turnstile.


What is the reason for the speed gate height limitation?


The following problems will be easily occurred when the speed gate height is increased:


(1) When the weight of the speed gate increases, the inertia of the speed gate becomes larger, and the motor control becomes very difficult, resulting in troubles such as slow movement, poor smoothness, shake, and unaligned speed gate etc., and the stress distribution of mechanism is also seriously unbalanced, affecting the mechanism life;


(2) Under the same conditions, compared the 1.8m high speed gate turnstile with the conventional speed gate turnstile, the speed gate volume of the former is more than 2.5 times that of the latter, so the mechanism load of the former is more than 2.5 times of the latter. If the conventional mechanical structure and drive control are still used when the mechanism load is so large, the 1.8-meter high speed gate turnstile will severely shake during operation, and it will easily cause mechanical wear and large decibel noise. In this case, the conventional speed gate turnstile is more likely to malfunction;


(3) The speed gate is too high to control, so easily hit pedestrians, which increases safety risks.



How Does CMOLO Solve the Problems?



Starting from the optimization of mechanical structure and drive control, CMOLO has successfully solved the problems of mechanism overload and 1.8m speed gates’ shake when working, achieving stable working, anti-shake and low noise, which not only ensures the stability and long service life of speed gate turnstile, but also provides a good user experience.



How to Get 1.8m High Speed gate Turnstile?


The core parts of the mechanism are processed by CNC machine with high machining accuracy. The mechanism module uses the bearing, reducing the mechanism friction in the working, and ensuring the mechanism return precision. Mechanism is the core part of the turnstile. If the accuracy requirement is not high, it is easy to cause loose mechanism installation, excessive noise and mechanism shake. After using for a period of time, it is easy to appear that the mechanism structure is unstable, the wear speed is fast and the rotation accuracy cannot be guaranteed.


With precise positioning encoder, the turnstile can be 360° positioning and the control accuracy can be up to 0.25°.


With compact mechanism structure, 1.8m high speed gate turnstile adopted  high-quality brushless DC motor and high-performance reducer, which have larger load and can carry up to 8KG of the speed gate, ensuring the stability and service life of 1.8m high speed gate turnstile better.


The fixing structure of glass speed gate is optimized, and the fixing parts of glass speed gate adopted with a raised design, to reduce the shake and deformation caused by increasing the speed gates’ height.


Using “CMOLO control software of speed gate turnstile" independently developed by CMOLO, 1.8m high speed gate turnstile has good safety performance. The combination of current detection and infrared anti-clamping, it can prevent pedestrians from being injured.


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