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2020 New Arrival | XXL Size Full Height Turnstile is Coming, So Easy with Pedestrian &Vehicles Shared! 2020-01-01


We always hear from customer

Full-height turnstile can only allows people to pass, not enough

How people do who push strollers, ride bicycles, and carry with strollers?

Are there any full height security turnstiles that allow people to pass through with various "vehicle"~~

Then CMOLO learned carefully customer needs

After 6 months of R&D and testing

The new size full height turnstile is here


security turnstiles


Add from X size to XXL size

Enlarged type full height turnstile gate

Give the property owners a big enough passage space

Solve the problem that people and vehicles cannot be shared

With it, you can pass happily with your "lovely vehicle", so easy!


security turnstiles


At the same time, it also continues the original full height turnstile advantages

Strong as Mount Tai, safe and durable

Withstand wind, frost, rain, snow, severe cold and hot whether

Unattended, higher security level than other types of turnstiles

Never "trap" people, and you can go out when you have trouble



Have you noticed that this full-height turnstile is different from what you usually see?

Careful you may have found

The security fence is another highlight

The original stainless steel fence becomes translucent green glass

Why is it designed like this?

Our idea is simple

Green symbolizes vitality

We want to add some vitality to life

At the same time, it is also harmonious with the surrounding green environment

We wish those people who want to pass through our full height turnstile

Can get a touch of relaxed and refreshing mood



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