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2020 New Product Launch# CMOLO Speed Gate Turnstile•Ambilight Start A New Design Trend 2020-01-03


2020 CMOLO new speed gate turnstile Ambilight debut today ~~

New appearance & new craft & new structure.

Practice aesthetic design and create extraordinary quality from internal to external.


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Where is the designer's ingenuity?

The designer said, "I want my design to be an industrial product that both meets functionality and user experience, and also a pleasing artwork.


Design concept: simple, science fiction and asymmetry. The concept was inspired by geometry, color mix & match and the sci-fi sense of the movie. Although the new appearance is simple, but can bear complex functions. Asymmetrical streamline, trapezoidal outline, double-color combination and other new ideas highlight the unique style and charm of new product.


Side A is shining, and side B is profound, flowing with double-sided splendor;

The users can have different experiences when enter/exit.


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With new aesthetic geometry, the traditional square becomes the new trapezoid;

The cabinet and speed gate turnstile’ outline are trapezoid, echoing and harmonizing with each other.


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Red + black, double-color joint, which has both visual impact and harmony;

Red is wider and black is narrower. The obvious combination of width and narrowness shows the classic beauty;

The cutting line between the red and the black extends downward from the upper curve, naturally and smoothly;

The downward streamline isn’t parallel to the edge of the cabinet, which shows a free and unrestrained attitude.


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With the sci-fi blue light design, the lights of the whole machine are the same blue. The gate edge is surrounded by blue light. The passage status indicator, direction indicator and swiping-card indicator are all blue. And all blue light is combined to create a strong sense of technology.


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The corner uses the arc design, no hidden danger caused by sharp corners, to ensure the safety of users. 



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In accordance with ergonomics, color, light brightness, proportion, cabinet height and swiping-card angle and so on, giving users a very comfortable human-machine interaction experience.


Multicolor can be changed at will.

security turnstiles

What new technologies have been created for turnstile structures?


From the appearance of speed gate turnstile•Ambilight, a screw cannot be found. Why the screw disappeared?

It is due to engineers' breakthrough in conventional thinking and pursuit of industrial beauty.

① Original CGL assembly technology: According to the tenon and mortise structure of ancient buildings, engineers have developed a new technology which is suitable for the connection of the cabinet parts.

② Original 5th generation mechanism technology: The surging "mechanism" never stops rotation. The engineer optimized and upgraded the "heart" (mechanism) of the turnstile, and redesigned the fixed way of the swing gates. No screw could be seen on the facade of the cabinet.


Under the support of double innovative technologies, screws are not visible on the turnstile surface, and each side of the whole turnstile is smooth, making it more exquisite.


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Regardless of the appearance of the CMOLO new turnstile every time, it will only be more suitable for our practical application and appear in a form that surprises us more. 

We will continue todesign boldly and create a bright theme with pioneer spirit, conducting the design tide in the turnstile industry and presenting more beautiful turnstiles.



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