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2020 New Turnstile | Double-gate Interlocking Turnstile“Intercepts”Followers Easily 2020-01-10


Have you ever stood in a long queue at the airport or customs security? Have you ever waited a long time until a movie was finished at the security?

You may have met these situations before, but it should be less now. Self-verification turnstile also helps a lot on this problem.


What problems can be solved for the airport and customs by the daily self-verification turnstile?


The passenger flow at the airport and customs is very high, and the inspection workload is very large. Only relying on manual inspectionis not enough. In order to improve the traffic efficiency, many domestic airports have added self-verification turnstiles in recent years, and the customs also uses manual inspection + self-verification turnstiles.In this way, the turnstiles separate the passengers from the manual inspection, greatly relieving the pressure of queuing, the waiting time of passengers and the workload of the staff, which is convenient for the staff & passengers!


In recent years, airports are also carrying out paperless traffic and intelligent construction, and the turnstile is an important part of"intelligent clearance". With the help of turnstiles, electronic tickets replace paper tickets, which is conducive to environmental travel. According to the specific requirements of occasions, turnstiles combine face recognition, ID card/passport, QR code, fingerprint identification or other verification methods to help airports and the customs to create an accurate and convenient management of "integration of person and credentials", and even help to achieve "one-credential clearance" from pre-security to boarding.In addition, the application of turnstiles also facilitates the collection of passenger traffic information for data analysis. Connected with the ministry of public security, it is also convenient for post-event tracing, blacklist warning, and planning formulation, helping airports and customs to create intelligent and efficient passenger travel management, and keeping the public security of airports and customs.



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Have you ever noticed how self-verification turnstiles at the airports or customs look like?


Have you ever seen this kind of double-gate swing gate turnstile? It is not the same as what we usually see in the office building or subway. It has one more gate than the office turnstile? What is the function of the extra gate?


security turnstiles

Double-gate Interlocking Turnstile CPW-143Y


This is a new product specially developed by CMOLO for airports and customs--- double-gate interlocking turnstile CPW-143Y


What is double-gate interlocking turnstile? What does it do?


When gate A opens, gate B closes; when gate A closes, gate B opens. Pedestrians must be identified by both gates before passing.

Original working mode:

Pedestrian provides open signal to gate A → Gate A opens → Pedestrian enters the middle passageway through gate A → Gate A closes → Pedestrian provides open signal to gate B→ Gate B opens → Pedestrian leaves passageway through gate B → Gate B closes


Double-gate interlocking ability: enhance the anti-tailgating ability.After gate A opens, pedestrians enter the middle passageway. If there is tailgating, the turnstile will immediately give an alarm for prompting,gate B closes and the follower cannot pass through.With two gates, the anti-tailgating ability of the turnstile is upgraded, and the security level of the occasion management is also improved.


The usage requirements of different airports and customs may not be exactly the same. You can revise the original working mode and customize the working mode according to the specific situation of your application.


What are the advantages of CMOLO double-gate interlocking turnstile?


security turnstiles

Double-gate Interlocking Turnstile CPW-143Y


Strong anti-tailgating ability: Adopted CMOLO® patented traffic detection algorithm, matrix photoelectric stereo detection technology, it can detect the followers sensitively and issues an alarm through light or sound, preventingimpatient people or people who try to evade inspection from entering and disturbing the traffic order.


High stability: MTBF is an important index to judge the stability and life of turnstiles. MTBF of common turnstiles is generally 3 ~5 million times, and MTBF of CMOLO turnstiles is 10 million times, which is 1~2 times higher than that of commonturnstiles. Why we emphasize the stability? The stability is very important to both management and passengers. Suppose that the boarding entrance is installed with two lanes of turnstiles. If 1 lane is broken, the queue time for passengers will be longer.If 2 lanes are suddenly broken during the peak period of passenger flow in the customs, the waiting time of passengers for clearance will be prolonged, causing great inconvenience to passengers, and possibly leading to complaints from passengers.


High safety: Safety is the first. In order to ensure the safety of passengers in all directions, the turnstile adopts triple anti-clamping technologies, including infrared anti-clamping& machinery anti-clamping& electric current detection anti-clamping.In the design of anti-clamping, we specially take into account the use of turnstiles by children and the elderly, and optimize the algorithm. No matter it is adults, the elder, or children, they can be assured to use.


Fast response time: Under the guarantee of safe passing, the fast response time of opening and closing can reduce the waiting time of passengers. If every passenger can save one second during passing, the waiting time in queue will be greatly reduced.


Compatible with multiple systems, linkage management: Swing gate turnstile can integrate face, ID card/passport identification, QR code, fingerprint and other systemsfor real-name verification;It can be also connected with the public security system and background management system, to conduct multi-dimensional linkage management, improve the management efficiency and keep the public security of airports and customs.


In addition to airports and customs, double-gate interlocking turnstile can also be used in government agencies, scientific research institutions, office buildings and other occasions with high security requirements. The turnstile can help these occasions to reduce the labor management cost, improve the management efficiency and enhance the passenger travel experience, to create a high security, datamation, intelligent pedestrian access management.



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