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2022 Innovation Begins; "Ideal" Turnstiles Are Coming 2022-02-14


Someone asked: Do you have very high-end turnstiles?

Isn't this coming?

Two high-end new turnstiles came out——

Artificial stone high-end speed gate turnstile, artificial stone high-end flap barrier turnstile

They are specifically designed for high-end scenes



This time the new product, CMOLO also carried out bold innovation

The innovation is the change of material - from stainless steel to artificial stone

Another perfect combination of aesthetics and technology


 artificial stone


In the past, the material of the turnstile body was mainly stainless steel

Although we have made the stainless steel texture very advanced

But it's hard to improve it to another level

So we came up with the idea of replacing stainless steel

After testing various materials, artificial stone was selected this time.



Why choose artificial stone?


First of all, the texture of artificial stone is more advanced than that of stainless steel, which can greatly improve the texture level and meet the needs of those high-end occasions.

Secondly, the shape of artificial stone is very flexible, and it can be polished into a variety of shapes.

Finally, artificial stone, like stainless steel, has good sturdiness, is not easy to deform, and is not easy to fade.


The expectation is full, so let's take a look at these two artificial stone turnstiles:



01 Artificial Stone high-end speed gate turnstile CPW-152Y


Artificial Stone high-end speed gate


The appearance design is "simple style", the body is designed as an arc rectangle, simple and graceful, the overall design is ergonomic, and the human-computer interaction experience is very good. The application of artificial stone not only makes the speed gate turnstile more advanced, but also well matches the architectural environment of marble.



02 Artificial Stone high-end flap barrier turnstile CPW-227Y


Artificial Stone high-end speed gate


By the combination of classics and innovations, the body of this flap barrier turnstile is a classic "spindle-shaped" design, and the body material is innovatively made of artificial stone. The two parts complement each other, retaining the advantages of the body of classic flap barrier turnstile while enhancing the sense of luxury.



Artificial stone turnstile, the perfect combination of aesthetics and technology



It not only has the beautiful appearance after innovation, but also enjoys the powerful core of independent research and development.



Advanced technology: It has advanced core technology independently developed by CMOLO, and has applied for a patent.

High safety: with self-developed pass detection algorithm, including infrared & mechanical & current detection triple anti-pinch.

High stability & long life: The mechanism and its control system have passed 10 million life tests.

High frequency use: It has very high fatigue resistance and impact resistance, and can be used during peak hours.

Modular design: Easy to repair quickly; reduce maintenance workload and operating cost

Linkage of systems at all levels: Compatible with systems such as access control, attendance, and visitors, etc., breaking information island, connecting systems at all levels, and conducting digital management.



Artificial Stone high-end speed gate

▲Artificial stone high-end speed gate turnstile CPW-162Y



Artificial stone high-end flap barrier turnstile

▲Artificial stone high-end flap barrier turnstile CPW-227Y



Are these two innovative artificial stone turnstiles your "ideal type"?

If yes, please give us a like

In the future, CMOLO will continue to study and integrate aesthetics and technology.

Create more innovative products and provide you with more choices of turnstiles,

Live up to everyone's love! !




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