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China National Petroleum Corporation


China National Petroleum Corporation is the world's 3rd largest oil company based in China. CMOLO always provide outdoor turnstiles and optical turnstiles to their factories, office buildings,such as Qinghai Petroleum Company, Dushanzi Petroleum Corp, Changqing Petrochemical Corp, Ningxia Petrochemical Corp, Langfang Production Base, etc.


Outdoor turnstiles have been installed in the factories, which are designed to be IP65 with strong waterproof & dust-proof abilities; moreover, configured with high-strength material and built-in thermostat system, the turnstiles can work normally even at -30°C-70°C.


The office buildings are using CMOLO optical turnstile systems. Integrating with staff attendance system, visitor management system and access control system, the turnstiles can prevent unauthorized people intruding and create a more secure, more normative management system.


Turnstile Type: Outdoor Turnstile, Office Optical Turnstile

Turnstile Model: CPW-322DS, CPW-322BS, IPW-PM1000, CPW-321HS

Installation Time: 2012 to present

Application Occasion: Factory, Office Building


Office Optical Turnstile

Qinghai Petroleum Company - Office Optical Turnstile CPW-322DS


Outdoor Turnstile

Changqing Petrochemical Corp - Outdoor Turnstile CPW-321HS


Outdoor Turnstile

Langfang Production Base - Outdoor Turnstile CPW-321HS


Outdoor Turnstile

Dushanzi Petroleum Corp - Outdoor Turnstile IPW-PM1000


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