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CMOLO Independently Develops Turnstiles to Drive Company Development with Innovation 2021-12-28



Since its establishment, CMOLO has been focusing on turnstiles, independent research and development, continuous innovation and continuous revolution. We have been continuously investing a lot of R&D resources, innovating the turnstiles, and researching "vertically and horizontally" to create better turnstile products.



Why should turnstiles innovate?

Technology is constantly innovating, market demand is constantly changing, design trends are changing, and customer preferences are also changing... Therefore, turnstiles must keep pace with the times, constantly change and innovate, in order to continue to maintain advancement and in line with the development of the times. Moreover, innovation can not only drive the improvement of quality, but also drive the upward development of enterprises.



Speed gate turnstile CPW-164Y

Speed gate turnstile CPW-164Y



What are the innovations of the turnstile?

CMOLO has innovated in the appearance design, logic algorithm, mechanism structure, sheet metal structure, production process, material application, new technology integration, etc. to improve product quality, to optimize the cost, and to create differentiated competitive advantage for each kind of turnstile, allowing customers to have more choices to meet their needs.



Turnstile results obtained through continuous innovation

After 14 years of precipitation and accumulation, our innovation has been continuously developed, and many innovative turnstiles have been launched, which have solved many application difficulties for various scenes. For example, pedestrian and vehicles shared anti-collision speed gate turnstile, double-door interlocking speed gate turnstile, intelligent unattended guard gate, metro speed gate turnstile, metro flap barrier turnstile, butterfly speed gate turnstile, geometric aesthetic speed gate turnstile, coaxial double-mechanism speed gate turnstile, outdoor waterproof flap barrier turnstile, pedestrian and vehicles shared full-height turnstile, etc.



We continue to overcome difficulties. Today, we have fully mastered the core technology of all types of turnstiles, and have obtained many patents on the core technology of turnstiles.

Next month, new products of turnstiles will be released in 2022. We believe it will give you new surprises and will become a new benchmark once again in the industry.



2021 is coming to an end, entering a new year, and new innovation is about to begin. We will continue to maintain our "fresh" strength, continue to deeply develop, continue to innovate, deeply cultivate the core technology of turnstiles in various scenes, and implement more innovative products, create value for the development of pedestrian access management, through technological innovation and technological integration.




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