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CMOLO Struggles to Challenge for 13 years, and Never Stops to Pursue Profession 2020-08-17


From 2007 to 2020, CMOLO has been ceaselessly pursuing his profession. We grow in the market competition, deepen the field of turnstiles, overcome one difficulty after another, step by step, to make CMOLO turnstiles be installed invarious intelligent occasions around the world.


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Professional, enhance product power


"You are professional and patient turnstile supplier I have ever seen. In my 10-year cooperation with other turnstile suppliers, they have not shown such professionalism and patience."——Customer Comments.


This evaluation is not only a great recognition and trust for our products and services, but also a spur for us to move forward. After 13 years of development, CMOLO's professionalism has reached a very high level. Our pursuit of professionalism is endless. Our generalization of "profession" is to make turnstiles into "high-end and advanced", make our own characteristics and competitiveness, and create turnstile that not only conform to the market trend, but also maintain technological advantages.


CMOLO maintains the passion and persistence of turnstiles, pays attention to the discovery and training of talents, formulates strict standards for every step of raw materials, design, research and development, testing, and craftsmanship etc., with a complete and efficient management system. These are necessary for us to achieve professionalism. Only when you are professional enough can you create good products, understand problems and propose solutions more quickly, and have the strength to complete difficult customization.


Independent and controllable core technology


"Dream chaser, we are one of them."


Since the establishment, we have the idea of independent research and development and production of high-end turnstiles, and always adhered to this dream. No matter which era, it is very important to have own core technology. Without autonomous and controllable core technology, one has to rely on others, and without right to speak and competitive advantage.


After 13 years of persistence and accumulation, CMOLO has taken root in the field of turnstiles, established a self-research system, developed in depth, has fully mastered the core technology of independent and controllable high-end turnstiles, and has successfully commercialized the technology. The turnstile technology we master is enough to compete with foreign counterparts, breaking the control of imported brands in the high-end market, and even, in many respects, we have surpassed them.


At present, our core technology for turnstiles covers all types of turnstile technologies (including speed gate turnstile, flap barrier turnstile, optical turnstile gate, tripod turnstile, full-height turnstile), and covers the core technologies of turnstiles used in all occasions (including airports, subways stations, high-speed railway stations, office buildings, government agencies, communities, schools, scenic spots, hospitals, leisure venues and other indoor and outdoor occasions).


                                                                                          flap barrier


Powerful customization capabilities


"If there is a custom project that even CMOLO can't do, no one can do it."


This sentence well illustrates CMOLO's customization capabilities. At present, our customization capabilities are very good in the industry, thanks to our strong R&D capabilities.


Turnstiles are used in different occasions, and different projects in the same occasion have different requirements. In this way, the differentiated market demand determines that the turnstile is a non-standardized product, and the non-standard features also determine the difficulty of customization and the high requirements for service. To respond to complex and changeable customization requirements, the team must be professional enough and familiar with changes in market demand, turnstile and related supporting technologies, in order to accurately meet the individual needs of customers.


Standardization is conducive to reducing costs and increasing efficiency, while customization consumes a lot of resources, which is not the best choice for our customers. How to find a balance between standardization and customization? We first modularize the turnstile, then standardize the modules, and then customize the modules that cannot be standardized. In other words, CMOLO's turnstile are actually developed and produced according to the "standardization + customization" mode, which not only ensures the efficiency of R&D and production, but also ensures that it can meet the differentiated needs of different application projects.


                                                                                          metro speed gate turnstile


Embrace new technology and seek new development


The turnstile is never a kind of product to be used alone. It needs to integrate with access control system, attendance system, visitor system, ticketing system, etc., to create a pedestrian access management system. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to market requirements and the turnstile products, we also focus on the technical changes associated with turnstiles. With the rapid development of information technology such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and mobile Internet, and the emergence of new infrastructure this year, the turnstile has become an indispensable endpoint of the "Internet of Everything" in the entire pedestrian access management system, to promote the digital and intelligent construction and development of pedestrian access management.


CMOLO will also embrace changes in the environment and technology, innovate and upgrade the turnstile and services, and seek more new directions for better development in the future. In the future, we will continue to cultivate the turnstiles, consolidate our expertise, and move forward to better assist the construction of intelligent and digital pedestrian entrances.



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