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CMOLO Will Still Focus on the Turnstiles and Move Forward Firmly in 2021 2021-01-06


Where will CMOLO go in 2021?

We still adhere to the direction of "customized turnstiles according to scenes",

In the longitudinal direction, CMOLO will focus on the turnstile and continues to make higher quality turnstiles

Horizontally, CMOLO specializes in the field of turnstiles, strengthens multiple scene turnstiles, more and stronger

Focusing on changes in market demand, we will create high-quality, high-value turnstile and services.


2020 is an extraordinary year. We are forging ahead with professional ability and rich experience.

CMOLO customizes various scene turnstiles for customers to help customers solve various pedestrian access management problems.

For example, face recognition flap barrier turnstile in scenic spots, face scanning & temperature detection integrated turnstile,

Face recognition speed gate turnstile in government and enterprise building, community anti-tailing double gate turnstile

Anti-violent impact outdoor speed gate turnstile in factory, access control turnstile in hospital...

After 2020, I believe that there will be more hope in 2021!


Face Recognition Speed gate turnstile 


With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, Internet of Things, mobile Internet and other technologies,

CMOLO will go quicker, integrate these new technologies, and fully discover the needs of various scenes.

CMOLO will innovate and upgrade turnstile technology, optimize quality and cost, and enhance user experience.

CMOLO will keep pace with the times to create more competitive and advanced turnstile.


CMOLO will still adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship, based on product quality and user experience,

We accumulate the knowledge, ability and experience of turnstiles to further enhance their professional capabilities.

In terms of logic algorithm, mechanism structure, sheet metal structure, production process, appearance design, material application, new technology integration, etc.,

CMOLO will continue to do well in the same way, and strengthen the safety, stability, durability, and compatibility of the turnstiles.


Continuing to move forward in future,

We keep technological innovation based on customer needs,

Assist on the upgrading of the turnstile industry level and guide the development direction of the industry.

In 2021, CMOLO will also continue to work with partners,

Jointly build a digital, intelligent, green and energy-saving pedestrian access management for various scenes.



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