Cylindrical Type Swing Gate Waist Height Turnstile

Cylindrical Type Swing Gate Waist Height Turnstile

  • CPW-322AG-HS

The mechanism module of cylindrical type waist height turnstile CPW-322AG-HS adopts industrial grade brushless servo motor to ensure the gate rotates quickly and accurately, smoothly and silently, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.


The turnstile is suitable for various high-end indoor occasions such as office buildings, shopping malls, exhibition halls, government buildings, financial institutions, and senior clubs etc.



advanced core patented technology



high safety, triple anti-pinch



high stability, optimize the mechanism structure



long life, longer than 10 million times










modular design, easy maintenance

















Cylindrical type waist height turnstile CPW-322AG-HS adopts unique structure design. The motor shaft rotates when the turnstile is working. Rotary motion of motor shaft is transformed into circular motion of revolving column, and then the gates can move with the column synchronously to achieve stopping and releasing.



All-around Pedestrian Safety Protection


Double anti-clamping

The cylindrical type waist height turnstile adopts mechanical anti-clamping and anti-collision by advanced electric current detection, so as to protect personal safety of pedestrians more comprehensively.


Over-force feedback control

When the gate is momentarily subjected to an impact force beyond the safe range, the gate can be slowly pushed for a certain distance to buffer the impact force on the mechanism and the reverse impact force on pedestrians.


Anti-electric shock

All electric modules are designed to operate under the safety voltage of 24V, and configured with residual current protective device to prevent pedestrian from being injured by electric shocks.


Turnstile opens when power failure

With the independently developed advanced mechanical structure, the system will automatically unlock the gate when the power is off, and the gate can be manually pushed to open, which is convenient for pedestrian evacuation.


Emergency open

The turnstile equips with emergency escape control device, to make the system automatically open the gate to evacuate pedestrian.



Strong & Stable Turnstile Control Core


Long service life

CMOLO independently developed advanced lossless mechanism structure and industrial-grade brushless servo motor (core of the mechanism) are configured to ensure that cylindrical type waist height turnstile has a long service life.


Advanced motor control technology

The turnstile adopts advanced servo control system, DSP+ARM motor control technology, combined with CMOLO's original motor control algorithm, to achieve precise control and positioning of the obstacles, with stable performance.





Appearance Cabinet size, material and surface treatment process etc. of turnstile can be moderately customized.
Lane width The maximum lane width of turnstile is 900mm.
System integration

Integrate with intelligent sensing system; when pedestrian closes to turnstile, the gate open automatically; when pedestrian leaves, the gate close automatically.

Integrate with access control system, human body temperature measurement system, ticketing system, time attendance system, visitor system etc.

Integrate with QR code, face, fingerprint, ID/IC card, passport identification system etc.

Integrate with card collection system, and customize card collection device



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