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During the Peak period, It Is Time to Use the High-frequency Turnstiles to "Show Their Special Skills" Again 2021-02-19


The Spring Festival holiday is over and people are starting to work one after another

Pedestrian turnstiles on various occasions are used frequently in the peak period of every day

In the subway station, people hurriedly rushed to squeeze the subway.

In the lobby of the office building, people rushed through the turnstile to avoid being late

At the gate of the factory, people pass turnstile with bicycle…

No matter which application occasion, the desire to pass the turnstiles quickly is the same


QR recognition flap barrier turnstile

▲Shenzhen Metro station – QR recognition flap barrier turnstile

 Face recognition speed gate turnstile

▲Guangzhou Newspaper Culture Centre – Face recognition speed gate turnstile

 Outdoor Face Recognition speed gate turnstile

▲Ansteel Factory – Outdoor Face Recognition speed gate turnstile shared by pedestrian & vehicle



At this peak of the flow of pedestrian, the biggest trouble is -

Pedestrian turnstile accidentally pinches people

Sudden trouble of turnstile affects passing to cause jam

Recognition speed is slow, if it was a few seconds late to pass the turnstile, but a few steps away, pedestrian have to watch the subway driving away, and maybe the attendance check-in will be 1 second late



In order to avoid these problems, CMOLO equipped the turnstiles with these excellent capabilities


Triple anti-pinch: infrared anti-pinch + mechanical anti-pinch + current detection anti-collision, sensitive detection of pedestrians in the passageway, comprehensively protecting user’s safety


The average trouble-free operation of 10+ million times, the stability of the turnstile is very high, it is not easy to fail, and does not affect the operation of the occasion


With very high anti-overload and anti-impact ability, able to work stably for a long time under the condition of high visitor flow rate and high frequency use


Permission recognition and turnstile response speed are fast, racing against time for pedestrians


With these, pedestrian turnstiles can steadily be used under the use of ultra-high visitor flow rate during peak periods


subway turnstile


With the help of safe and stable pedestrian turnstiles

The administrators can efficiently and orderly diverse management of pedestrians

Not only improve the management security level of the occasion

But also bring users a convenient and comfortable experience


CMOLO has excellent core technology for pedestrian turnstiles

High frequency use is just one of the "stunts"

In the future, we will continue to work hard on stability, safety, and longevity

Improve the performance of all aspects of the pedestrian turnstiles

Provide users with better quality and more valuable pedestrian turnstiles



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