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Applicable scene





Pain point


The factory has a large flow of personnel and high mobility. The identities of people entering and leaving factory are complex, and only relying on manual management is very difficult to identify, and it is prone to omissions, inaccurate identification. Frequent use during rush hour, turnstiles are prone to failure, affecting traffic efficiency, leading to adverse consequences such as being late for work, complaints etc., which have negative comments on enterprise management.
The turnstile has poor stability, short life and high failure frequency. It needs constant maintenance or replacement, which not only consumes more costs, but also affects the management image. Workers riding bicycles, electric vehicles, and motorcycles in and out may accidentally hit the turnstile, causing damage to the turnstile.

When the turnstiles are used outdoors, in the face of sun and rain, wind, sand, rain and snow, severe cold and heat, temperature difference between day and night and other climate changes, the turnstile has poor weather resistance and is easily damaged. The turnstile is easy to rust and damage in corrosive environments, such as chemical plants, near the sea, etc.

Different areas of the factory have different levels of confidentiality, and the permissions of employees and visitors are also different. If there is a lack of permission management, allowing anyone to enter and exit at will, which is not conducive to the protection of confidential information, and needs to be managed differently.
It is necessary to consider the passage of pedestrian of different ages and different body types, as well as the passage of baby carriage, wheelchairs, bulky goods, strollers, etc. The manual management cost is high, the method is backward, the efficiency is low, the visitor stays for a long time, the experience is poor, and it is prone to errors, falsification of identities, difficulty in tracing, and hidden safety hazards.
Pedestrian access information is out of joint with other systems, and resources cannot be allocated effectively, cannot be processed collaboratively, and it is difficult to form integrated big data management.  





In order to solve the pain points of intelligent factory, CMOLO has developed a corresponding solution for the anti-collision & pedestrian & bicycle shared turnstile, which meets the requirements of outdoor use, shared use of pedestrian and vehicles, high frequency use, long-term stable work, long life, high safety, high traffic efficiency, carrying goods and others.


Application area
Outdoors Indoors
Park gate Lobby Floor Canteen Workshop
Requirements The management of access control, temperature measurement, time attendance and visitor Special permission management The management of access control and toll collection The management of special permission
Applicable turnstiles Pedestrian & bicycle shared anti-collision outdoor speed gate turnstile, outdoor speed gate turnstile Speed gate turnstile, flap barrier turnstile, optical turnstile gate Flap barrier turnstile, tripod turnstile, full height turnstile
Verification methods Biometric identification, temperature measurement, QR code identification, ID card identification



Solution feature


Advanced technology

Independent research and development of advanced logic algorithms and mechanical structures, with the core technology of all types of turnstiles



High safety

Adopt CMOLO® patented passing detection algorithm, and infrared & mechanical & current detection triple anti-pinch


High stability & long life

Equipped with advanced DSP+ARM motor control technology and original motor control algorithm, the mechanism and its control system have passed 10 million life tests



Fast and accurate detection

Matrix photoelectric stereoscopic detection technology + CMOLO® pass detection algorithm can quickly and accurately detect passing behaviors such as authorized pass, tailgating, reverse, and intrusion.etc.


Anti-violent impact

Original black technology, the mechanism can withstand more than 5 times than the impact force of ordinary mechanism, and the swing gate can withstand frequent impacts without damaging the mechanism (unique to anti-collision models)



Shared by both pedestrian & vehicle

Customize wide passageway to meet the simultaneous passage of pedestrian and bicycles, electric vehicles, motorcycles, baby carriages, wheelchairs, strollers, and luggage (exclusive to the turnstile shared by both pedestrian & vehicle)


High frequency use

With very high fatigue resistance and impact resistance, it can meet the needs of high traffic scene.



High environmental weather resistance

IP65, high temperature and cold resistance (-40℃~60℃), anti-sunlight interference, anti-condensation


Beautiful design

Advanced texture, fashionable shape, exquisite craftsmanship



Modular Design

Easy to repair quickly, reduce maintenance workload and operating cost


System linkage

Compatible with access control, time attendance, visitor and other systems, breaking information islands, connecting data of various systems to manage collaboratively


Personalized Customization

According to the needs of the application scene, the appearance and functions can be flexibly customized to meet the application requirements and match the application environment



Solution benefit



Self-service verification of pedestrian decreases the workload of security and saves labor cost.



Realize the differentiated management of personnel and areas, accurately identify the identity of pedestrians, and improve the security level of the factory



Record traffic data for planning and decision analysis to achieve digital management



Connect systems at all levels, realize data interconnection, and establish an intelligent and integrated management system



Equipment management without manual intervention improves user experience and ease of use



Scientific and technological means of management improves management efficiency, and creates an intelligent management system.




Applicable turnstile


Pedestrian bicycle speed gate turnstile

Pedestrian & bicycle shared anti-collision speed gate turnstile IPW-PM1005


Pedestrian outdoor speed gate turnstile

Pedestrian outdoor speed gate turnstile IPW-PM1016



Speed gate turnstile



Speed gate turnstile

Speed gate turnstile


outdoor flap barrier turnstile

Outdoor flap barrier turnstile


Optical turnstile gate

Optical turnstile gate


Tripod turnstile

Tripod turnstile


Full height turnstile

Full height turnstile




Typical Cases


outdoor speed gate turnstile

China Aerospace Science and Technology Group


outdoor speed gate turnstile

Liaoning Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation


speed gate turnstile

Petro China Qinghai Oilfield Company


outdoor flap barrier turnstile

Chongqing Changan Automobile

tripod turnstile

Tianjin Siemens

tripod turnstile

Shenyang Brilliance BMW





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