Fully-automatic Half-height Turnstile

Fully-automatic Half-height Turnstile

  • CPW-601FY

With the mechanical anti-tailgating design, fully-automatic half-height turnstile CPW-601FY can effectively achieve “one person passing at a time”, with high safety and reliability. The cabinet and rotation column are with detachable structure, convenient for installation and transportation.


CPW-601FY is highly adaptable to the environment with strong water & dust resistance, suitable for tourist attractions, factories, office buildings and other indoor and outdoor occasions etc.



advanced core patented technology



high stability, optimize the mechanism structure



long life, longer than 10 million times



accurate & fast detection










high temperature resistance


low temperature resistance


condensation resistance









modular design, easy maintenance



high compatibility, high integration











Advanced & Intelligent Half Height Turnstile Core Technology


Strong mechanism structure

The lossless modular mechanism structure independently developed by CMOLO and the full CNC processing technology ensure the high precisionof each module of the mechanism; the mechanism adopts secondary transmission mechanical structure, and the transmission ratio of gear are accurate, efficient and stable, which can precisely control the rotation angle of the rotation column and reduce the loss to ensure the reliability of the mechanism, and enhance the service life of the mechanism.


Core logic algorithm

The turnstile adopts advanced servo control system and DSP+ARM motor control technology, combined with CMOLO's original motor control algorithm, to achieve precise control and positioning of the obstacle.


Arm state monitoring

The closed-loop feedback control system is used to monitor the movement state of the arm, which can sensitively detect behaviors that threaten the safety of the passage, such as illegally hitting arm and reverse passages, and then issue warnings in the form of sound and light, and can be linked with other security systems.


Strong anti-tailgating ability

The mechanical anti-tailgating design is used to effectively control only one person at a time.


Prevent reverse passage

When a legal door opening signal is received in a certain direction, within the allowable passage time, pedestrians entering the passage from the opposite direction and pushing the arm will be regarded as reverse passage, and the arm in this direction will be locked to prevent pedestrians from passing in the opposite direction.



All-around Pedestrian Safety Protection


Turnstile opens when power failures

With the industry's advanced mechanical structure created by CMOLO, half height turnstile system will unlock the arms to be pushed freely, so as to evacuate pedestrian.


Emergency open

Equipped with emergency escape control device, half height turnstile system will automatically unlock the arms to evacuate pedestrian in the event of emergencies.


Anti-electric shock

All electric modules are designed to operate under the safety voltage of 24V, and configured with residual current protective device to prevent pedestrian being injured by electric shocks.





Appearance Cabinet size, material and surface treatment process etc. of turnstile can be moderately customized.
System integration

Integrate with access control system, human body temperature measurement system, ticketing system, time attendance system, visitor system etc.
Integrate with QR code, face, fingerprint, ID/IC card, passport identification system etc.
Integrate with card collection system, and customize card collection device

Constant Temperature System

Under the low temperature environment, a constant temperature system can be installed inside the turnstile.



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