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How CMOLO Builds Smart Community Pedestrian Entrance & Exit Management for you? 2020-07-20


Do you swipe your face, code or card when you enter and exit the community every day? Or not swiping anything, just the security guard "scanning" with his naked eye? Which way are you looking forward to?


The community where we live is complex and with numerous people, including landlords, tenants, visitors, property management personnel, etc. Some communities have not yet completed the smart upgrade. The entrances and exits of pedestrians are only managed manually. The management is very difficult and there are many loopholes. The security guard can not accurately identify each person one by one, and there are many records so it is difficult to find them. Visitors and security guards may also have certain blind spots and blind times, which inevitably exists safety hazards.


The advancement and maturity of modern technology has given us more means to upgrade the management of community entrances and exits. With the empowerment of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data, the management of the entrance and exit of the community can be transformed from manual management to the use of intelligent gates. Joining the management of smart gates can not only greatly improve the security level of the community, but also help to build digital pedestrian access management. The replacement of turnstiles can not only reduce labor costs, but also reduce the workload of security guard. The turnstile will record the entry and exit information of all people automatically and upload them to the background system, eliminating the need for manual registration and recording, avoiding manual errors. The gate can be connected to the access control system, landlord system, visitor system, parking system, etc., and form an integrated linkage management with each system, linking various data, facilitating information query and tracing, and helping to build the Internet of Things in the community.


security turnstiles

▲CMOLO Outdoor Speed gate turnstile IPW-PM1003


CMOLO has been in the turnstile industry for 13 years and has accumulated deep industry experience and solid core technology of turnstiles. We always pay attention to the changes in the use of community turnstiles and the changes in emerging technologies, and can accurately grasp the market demand of community turnstile. For each community turnstile project, we will firstly fully understand the situation of its pedestrian access management, and then customize a suitable solution based on the local conditions.


Based on the community entrance and exit management needs we have encountered over the years, we have established a community turnstile solution database covering various needs, and can quickly and comprehensively propose professional turnstile solutions that meet the needs of customers.


The solution database of CMOLO community turnstiles includes data such as the use object, application location, application environment, identification method, turnstile type, turnstile function, and system integration. While meeting the application requirements, we also ensure the quality of the turnstiles, focusing on the safety, stability and user experience of the turnstiles.


Target users: adults, elderly, children, people with carrying bicycles, strollers, luggage, goods, etc. Taking into account the passing gait, body shape and objects carried by people of different ages, we use the CMOLO® patented passing detection core algorithm and matrix light spot electrical stereo detection technology to ensure the accuracy of detection, thereby protecting the safety of pedestrians.


Application location: front gate, side gate.


Application environment: mainly outdoors, completely open or sheltered by rain sheds and eaves. Turnstiles will encounter environmental changes such as severe cold and heat, wind, sand, rain, snow, sun and rain, and temperature difference between day and night. The external temperature will directly affect the surface and internal temperature of the turnstile housing. The internal temperature of the housing is too high or too low, and condensation caused by temperature differences will affect the components. In order to solve these problems, we adopt IP65 waterproof and dustproof design and equipped with intelligent temperature control system. At the same time, we also recommend that customers take shielding measures for outdoor turnstiles to better protect the turnstiles.


Recognition methods: face recognition, QR code recognition, card recognition, and customers can choose their own recognition method according to actual needs. Under the upsurge of artificial intelligence, face recognition is the current hot choice, with the good user experience, senseless passing, and the very convenience; face recognition also cannot be forged or counterfeited, and very safe. In terms of user experience and security, it is recommended to use face recognition.


Types of turnstiles: front gate and side gate. Pedestrians carrying with objects also should be taken into account. The main entrance is generally guarded by security. It is recommended to choose an outdoor speed gate turnstile with an wide passage; the side entrance is generally unattended, and it is recommended to use our enlarged full-height turnstile.


security turnstiles

▲CMOLO Outdoor Speed gate turnstile IPW-PM1000


security turnstiles

▲CMOLO enlarged full-height turnstile CPW-503FY


Turnstile function: important functions that need to be met. The speed gate turnstilehas anti-pinch, anti-collision, anti-tailing, waterproof and dust-proof, shared use of people and vehicles, etc. Full-height turn has anti-tailing,anti-lock, unattended, waterproof & dust-proof, shared use of people and vehicles, etc. We adopt self-developed advanced logic algorithms and mechanical structure design, which can sensitively detect the passing status of pedestrians and implement these functions well.


System integration: The turnstile can integrate access control, landlord, visitor and other systems. Our turnstiles have strong compatibility and can be connected to various systems. Combined with the use of other systems, it can not only form digital linkage management, but also enhance user experience. For example, it is very convenient for landlords to register in advance, and to swipe their faces or scan codes in and out. Visitors make an appointment in advance and only need to show the visitor code when visiting, without spending time to register on-site. It not only simplifies the security guard workload, makes it more convenient for landlords and visitors, but also allows management to obtain more security.


Since its establishment, CMOLO has been cooperating with well-known domestic real estate companies for a long time, such as Vanke, CITIC, Evergrande, Kaisa, etc., to provide turnstile products and services for its residential communities. Among the cooperative enterprises, our turnstiles have always gained a good reputation, and they have also brought very good management benefits for customers.


security turnstiles

▲Vanke Qiong shan hu Community of Nanchang- Full Height Turnstile CPW-221B


security turnstiles

▲Vanke Jinrun Huafu Community of Nanchong– Outdoor Single Speed gate turnstile & Tripod Turnstile


security turnstiles

▲Zhong xin Guo An Fu Community of Beijing – Outdoor Speed gate turnstile IPW-PM1000


security turnstiles

▲Evergrande Yu Jing Community of Nanchang – Full Height Turnstile CPW-221A


With the evolution and development of science and technology, the application requirements of the community turnstile are also changing. CMOLO also continues to upgrade the turnstiles to provide customers with more competitive and valuable turnstile products and services, so that community installed our turnstiles can better complete the smart upgrade of pedestrian access management, enhance residents’ living experience, sense of security and happiness, and increase residents’ satisfaction with property management.



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