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How Could Intelligent Factory Lack of Intelligent Turnstiles? 2021-10-18



Cities are being upgraded with intelligence, and factories are among them,

In the process of intelligent transformation and upgrading of factories,

One thing is essential – intelligent turnstile,

Intelligent turnstiles can connect pedestrian access management with other management systems,

Break information islands to truly realize linkage management between systems.



Intelligent turnstiles can guard the entrances and exits of the factory 24 hours a day,

With intelligent turnstiles, every person who enters and exits must pass through the turnstiles, and the turnstiles can identify those who enter and exit one by one.

Really achieve strict management, accurate and efficient, and can also reduce the workload of security,

After replacing manual management with intelligent turnstiles, it can also reduce labor costs and improve management efficiency.



CMOLO Outdoor Speed gate turnstile

▲CMOLO Outdoor Speed gate turnstile IPW-PM1000



Factory turnstiles are usually installed outdoor, office areas or indoor workshops.

The turnstiles used outdoors are more adaptable than indoor environments, and must be able to adapt to climate changes such as sun and rain, wind, sand, rain, and snow, large temperature differences between day and night, severe cold and scorching heat.

The factory has a large number of employees. Many people commute to and from work by bicycles, electric vehicles, and motorcycles. It is inevitable that vehicles will hit the turnstiles. Therefore, the turnstiles need to meet special requirements such as sharing by people and vehicles, impact resistance, and high-frequency use etc.

Indoor turnstiles do not need to have these special requirements.


According to the requirements of the entrance door, workshop and office area, CMOLO outdoor speed gate turnstiles IPW-PM series are suitable for the entrance door, which is developed specifically for outdoor environment. Indoor speed gate turnstiles, tripod turnstiles, and full-height turnstiles are suggested for office areas and workshops.





Outdoors (entrance door) Indoors (office areas and workshops)


Turnstile Type


Outdoor speed gate turnstile IPW-PM1000 Indoor speed gate turnstile, tripod turnstile, full height turnstile


Verification Method


Face recognition, card-swiping, scan code


Outdoor Features


Shared by pedestrian, bicycle, electric vehicles; 

 Anti-violence hitting swing gate;              IP65;

                                                                      Anti-condensation, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance;

Anti-sun interferen.

Customized by needs


Common Features

The self-developed advanced core algorithm efficiently controls the operation of each turnstile, recognizes the passing situation in the passageway, and guarantees the safety of pedestrians.

The self-developed advanced mechanism structure, the mechanism and its control system have passed 10 million life tests, which can ensure that each turnstile has high stability and long life.

With strong compatibility, the turnstile system can seamlessly connect with the access control system, attendance system, visitor system, etc., to realize the linkage management of the "Instrumented" factory, and help the factory record passing data, so as to do a good job in plan management.



Outdoor speed gate turnstile IPW-PM1000 is a hard-core black technology product with many strong performances



CMOLO Outdoor Speed gate turnstile

▲ CMOLO outdoor speed gate turnstile IPW-PM1000



① Shared by pedestrian, bicycle, electric vehicle and motorcycles


Most of the factory employees ride in and out of the factory. The passageway width of the outdoor speed gate turnstile IPW-PM1000 can be customized from 1 meter to 1.5 meters, which fully meets the needs of both pedestrian and vehicles.



② Anti-violence hitting swing gate


This is CMOLO’s original black technology of turnstiles in 2014, and no one can imitate it so far. Adopting the original elastic blocking body design & the design of anti-violence hitting mechanism structure, the mechanism with two designs can withstand more than 5 times the impact force of the ordinary mechanism; and the swing gate can withstand frequent accidental impacts without damaging the mechanism. Employees who accidentally hit the gate by riding their bicycles will not damage the turnstiles.



The outdoor speed gate turnstile IPW-PM1000 has a powerful anti-violence hitting swing gate function. After the swing gate is strongly hit by a motorcycle, it can still automatically reset and return to normal working status.



③Waterproof and dustproof grade IP65


Turnstiles are used outdoors, and they are bound to withstand wind, sand, rain and snow, so waterproof and dustproof abilities are especially important. Both the inside and outside of the PM1000 cabinet are designed to be waterproof and dustproof, and the protection level is as high as IP65, which is suitable for outdoor use.



④ Anti-condensation, high temperature resistance and severe cold resistance



The outdoor speed gate turnstile adopts intelligent temperature control design, setting the upper and lower temperature limits. When the temperature in the cabinet is lower than the lower limit or higher than the upper limit, the thermostat will automatically heat or dissipate heat. The temperature is kept within a limited range, and condensation will not be formed due to the large temperature difference between day and night, so as to protect the internal electronic components.



⑤ Anti-sunlight interference



The infrared detection system of the outdoor speed gate turnstile adopts the matrix distribution and the design to avoid direct sunlight, which reduces the interference of sunlight to infrared and avoids false detection of infrared and false alarms.



Which well-known factories use outdoor turnstile IPW-PM1000?


CMOLO Outdoor Speed gate turnstile

▲ Baotou Steel Group – Outdoor Speed gate turnstile



CMOLO Outdoor Speed gate turnstile

▲ Ansteel Group – Outdoor Speed gate turnstile



CMOLO Outdoor Speed gate turnstile

▲ Xinjiang Dushanzi Petrochemical Co – Outdoor Speed gate turnstile


CMOLO Outdoor Speed gate turnstile

▲ China Aerospace Science and Technology Group – Outdoor Speed gate turnstile



CMOLO Outdoor Speed gate turnstile

▲ Fenghuo Xi'an Industrial Park - Outdoor Speed gate turnstile



CMOLO Outdoor Speed gate turnstile

▲ China Coal Energy Group – Outdoor Speed gate turnstile



With the maturity of technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, the management of factories tends to be intelligent and instrumented. The application of intelligent turnstile will help the factory upgrade to be more intelligent and digital, and at the same time improve the safety level and management efficiency of the factory. CMOLO will also keep pace with advanced technology, create more advanced factory turnstile products for users, and help factories create more intelligent pedestrian access management.




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