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In 2020, CMOLO Will Forge Ahead From “New” Again 2020-01-13


2020 is coming. Are you ready for new challenges? CMOLO is ready...  


security turnstiles


Time has unlimited power. Over the past 13 years, CMOLO has overcome many obstacles and difficulties, and constantly launched new turnstiles technologies and new turnstiles, obtaining many new patents and certifications.


security turnstiles

Focus on turnstile, overcome difficulties and open a new road


2019 is a tough year that requires persistence, but we still keep our original heart, focus on turnstiles, stick to the spirit of craftsmanship, study the turnstile field deeply, and adhere to “the strategy of vertical field”, keeping going on the road.


security turnstiles


In 2019, CMOLO has expanded new market areas. At present, CMOLO turnstiles have been widely used in government, public security, transit, real estate, aerospace, energy, metallurgy, communication, education, finance, automobile, IT, tourism and other industries. We have provided customized turnstilesfor more and more customers, creating intelligent, efficient and safe pedestrian access management.


In 2019, two important directions of CMOLO are “keeping stability”&“seeking innovation”  . In the “keeping stability”, we strengthen our team ability, technical ability and production capacity, to improve our product and service. In the “seeking innovation”, we optimize logic algorithm, mechanical structure, and appearance design; study and test new peripheraltechnologies & new craft to ensure the advanced turnstiles.


An excellent turnstile must have the advantages of high safety, high stability, long service life and strong scene applicability, etc. Among the advantages, safety is the first, because turnstile is a product used by human. The users of the turnstiles cover all ages, including children, adults and the elderly. They may take their bags, carry luggage, hold babies, carry baby carriage, use wheelchair, walk slowly or fastlyetc. We have studied the passing status of the pedestrian for a long time, optimized logic algorithm and mechanical structure, improvedthe triple anti-clamping functions of the infrared & mechanical & electric current detection, and improved the functions of force feedback control& anti-electric shock & openingwhen power off & emergency opening and other functions, to ensure the user's safety and the turnstiles’stability, to avoid the unnecessary troubles to the customer in the future.


security turnstiles


Accumulate richly and break forth vastly, take "New" as Power


The achievements of "accumulation" and "innovation" in 2019 will be put into practice in 2020. CMOLO will launch new turnstiles one after another in 2020. New productwill appearwith a new design, a new structure, a new process, etc.It will be greatly improved in functionality, user experience, and artistry, giving you a different surprise.


security turnstiles


We will establish new design trends and new technical standards with new products of 2020, promoting the upward development of the industry. Similarly, we will also continue the "keeping stability" and "seeking innovation" of 2019 in 2020. On the premise of enhancing product quality, we will carry out more innovation, and continue to study the scenes application of turnstiles deeply, so as to create more turnstiles to meet the scenes' needs.


In 2020, CMOLO will continue to adhere to the belief of "spend a lifetime, be good at one skill", take the customer as the center, take the quality as the foundation, and always continue to forge ahead, to continue to create value for customers and society.



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