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Is The Turnstile in Your Factory Powerful Enough?After Being Hit by A Motorcycle, Will It Still Work Normally? 2020-03-16


Has the turnstile in your factory been hit by a motorcycle? Can it work normally after being hit?

There are so many people in the factory, with large people flow. Can the security guards accurately identify everyone entering or leaving?

The turnstile used in outdoorsis exposed to the sun and rain, easy to break. How to do?

Employees easily hit the turnstile by riding their vehicles. How to do?

Labor management cost is too high. How to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency?

Is the pedestrian access management of your factory intelligent enough?

Can management data be obtained timely in case of emergency?


In 2015, CMOLO entered the steel industry and has cooperated with large domestic steel enterprises such as Baogang group, Ansteel group and Baosteel. Steel industry sounds very powerful. Which type of CMOLO turnstile did they choose? Is the turnstile powerful enough? Let's have a look.


security turnstiles

▲ Baogang Group in Inner Mongolia-Outdoor Turnstile IPW-PM1000 with Violence Resistance


security turnstiles

▲ Ansteel Group in Liaoning-Outdoor Turnstile IPW-PM1000 with Face Recognition & Violence Resistance


security turnstiles

▲ Baosteel in Fujian-Outdoor Turnstile IPW-PM1000 with Violence Resistance


What are the special features of CMOLO outdoor turnstile IPW-PM1000, which can be favored by steel enterprises? Can the turnstile really bear motorcycles?


security turnstiles

First, let's analyze some common problems of pedestrian management in factory.


Based on our years of experience in the steel industry and feedback from our customers, if the factory doesn’t use turnstiles or use poor-quality turnstiles, there are mainly following problems in the pedestrian access management in steel factory:


1. There are many employees in factory, with large people flow and complex personnel, which makes labor management very difficult;

2. Relying on labor management of pedestrians access is disconnected from other systems and cannot be linkage management;

3. Due to the heavy workload of labor management, it is hard to avoid omissions to judge the identity of pedestrians by naked eyes;

4. Most of the employees easily hit the turnstileby riding their vehicles. 

5. The turnstile is used at the entrance of the factory, easy to rust and break down due to the sun, rain, wind, snow and dust.

6. The temperature difference between day and night in north China is large, so it is easy to form condensation inside the turnstile and damage the turnstile.

7. In summer, the turnstile is exposed to the sun. Due to the high temperature, the internal components of turnstile may be damaged or the turnstile may give false alarm.

8. In winter, the turnstile may also break downwhen the temperature is very low;

9. The factory is noisy, and the prompt sound of the turnstile is too low to be heard clearly;


Combined with the requirements of the steel industry, we summarized the application situation of our turnstile in the steel factory, and we have been constantly improving the solution, putting forward a factory turnstile solution that can meet the current requirements and take into account the future.


01 Why do steel enterprises use turnstiles for pedestrian access management in steel factories?


①Improve the managementlevel, creating intelligent management.

②Improve the security level and accurately recognize the identity of pedestrians, to avoid malicious personnel.

③Connect access control, time attendance, visitors, monitoring, parking, operation and other systems for linkage management, and get management information in real time, creating visual data management.

④Save labor cost, reduce the workload of security guards and improve management efficiency.

⑤Device management without manual interventionmakes the user experience better and more convenient.

⑥Accurately subdivide employees, visitors, VIPs and strangers, and conduct accurate regional management. Different office areas are open to different people.


02 Have you chosen the right turnstile for steel factories?

CMOLO has specially developed the outdoor speed gate turnstile IPW-PM1000 series for outdoor environment, which can fully meet all kinds of outdooruse requirements.


security turnstiles

▲ Features of Outdoor Speed Gate Turnstile


  • Equipped with face recognition, high security

Swiping card can only verify the authority of the card, not judging whether the person is the card owner. The card may be copied and used falsely, but the face recognitioncan detect real people and ensure that the verified person is the real person.


  • Shared by pedestrians & vehicles

Most employees in the factories go in and out by vehicles. The lane width of PM1000 can be customized to 1 m ~1.5 m, fully meeting the needs of people and vehicles.


  • Violence resistance

This is the original & powerful technology of CMOLO in 2014. With the original elastic swing gates and anti-violence mechanism structure design, the mechanism can withstand more than 5 times the impact of ordinary mechanism, and the gate can sustain frequent violent hitting without damage to the mechanism. Even if employees accidentally hit the turnstile by hisvehicle, the turnstile will not be damaged.


  • Waterproof and dustproof level IP65

The turnstile used outdoors will suffer wind, sand, rain and snow, so its IP level is especially important. The inside and outside of PM1000’s cabinetis waterproof and dustproof with IP65, satisfying the outdoor environment.


  • Anti-condensation, high & cold temperature resistance

Use intelligent temperature control design and set the upper and lower temperature limits. When the temperature in the cabinet is lower than the lower limit or higher than the upper limit, the controller will automatically heat or dissipate the heat. Therefore, the temperature inside the cabinet can always be kept within a limited range without forming condensation, no matter in the case of high temperature or low temperature, to protect the internal electronic components.


  • Sunlight resistance

The infrared detection system adopts matrix distribution and avoids the direct sunlight design, reducing the interference of sunlight to infrared, and avoiding infrared misjudgment and false alarm.


  • Use high-strength electronic components with strong environmental adaptability and durability.


  • High stability& long life: MTBF of 10 million times


  • High safety: Triple anti-clamping with infrared & mechanical & current detection, anti-leakage.


With the development of AI, big data, IOT and other technologies becoming more and more mature, intelligent factory is also a trend in the future, and the intelligent pedestrian access management is necessary. With pedestrian turnstiles, it can more effectively establish intelligent pedestrian access management, help the factory to build an integrated linkage management system, and improve the level of safety prevention and control. CMOLO turnstiles will also keep pace with the new technology, to provide customers with turnstiles and services of more competitiveness, and help factories in various industries to create intelligent pedestrian access management.



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