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Is your turnstile safe? 2021-04-19


"Oh~~" Someone was clamped by the turnstile, it hurts~~

Turnstile should be safe enough not to clamp people, especially children when people go through the turnstiles.

Can the turnstile still be opened after the power is off? Don’t hinder people from entering and exiting.

Especially under the emergency situation, the speed of escaping cannot be affected.

"Di~~~~~~~" Someone illegally intrudes, but fortunately, the turnstile stops him.

Turnstiles have more functions in helping safety management! 


Turnstiles are pedestrian access equipment,

It is obvious that the turnstile safety is very important.

CMOLO has also been committed to improving the safety of the turnstiles,

to provide more protection for pedestrians.



01 In terms of traffic Safety


Triple anti-clamping functions: CMOLO turnstile adopts CMOLO® patented passage detection algorithm and matrix photoelectric stereo detection technology, which can sensitively detect the passage behavior in the passageway. It also has triple anti-clamping functions with infrared, mechanical, and current detection, which is equivalent to have 3 pairs of invisible "Hands" to control the turnstile at any time. When pedestrian is about to be clamped, the turnstile will immediately detect this and notify 3 pairs of “Hands” to stop the turnstile immediately to avoid clamping the pedestrian. 


Over force feedback control: When pedestrian accidentally hit the glass swing gate, the turnstile will not be firmly locked while can be pushed forward slowly for a short distance to buffer the impact force from the mechanism and the reverse impact force from the pedestrian, to protect the mechanism and pedestrian.


 Flap barrier turnstile

Flap barrier turnstile with PU flap CPW-213Y / 214Y


 Ultra high speed gate turnstile 

▲Ultrahigh speed gate turnstile CPW-135Y 



02 In terms of fire Safety


Anti-electric shock: All electrical modules adopt safe voltages below 24V, and are equipped with residual current protectors to prevent pedestrians from being injured by electric shock.


Power-off and gate-opening: Original advanced mechanical structure, the system will automatically unlock the turnstile when power is off, and it can be manually pushed into an open state to facilitate the evacuation of people.


Emergency gate opening: Equipped with emergency escape control device, so that the system automatically opens to facilitate the evacuation of the crowd.


automatic turnstile system



03 In terms of managing security


More efficient than manual management: Compared with pure manual management, the turnstiles can work 24 hours a day, and can record traffic data and link management with other systems.


Accurate identification and anti-tailgating function: It can accurately identify the identity of the pedestrian and whether someone is tailgating to prevent other irrelevant personnel from intruding.


Orderly diversion: To avoid congestion caused by excessive traffic in a single area, and potential safety hazards.


 Face Recognition Speed gate turnstile

Face Recognition Speed gate turnstile- Zhejiang Cancer Hospital



Is it your choice for such a safe turnstile as CMOLO?





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