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Keeping Up with the New Trend of Rail Transit Development, CMOLO Continues to Innovate Rail Transit Turnstiles 2020-12-16


From December 10th to 11th, 2020, the 17th Urban Rail Transit Automatic Fare Collection System Technology Application Seminar was successfully held in Beijing. The meeting explored the future development direction of rail transit under the 14th Five-Year Plan and insisted on the five new development concepts of “innovation, Coordination, Green, Sharing, and Openness"; This meeting deeply integrates rail transit with the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other industries to promote the digital, green and low-carbon development of rail transit.


As one of the intelligent terminals of rail transit, the turnstile is a carrier of data collection and edge computing, and a terminal that executes digital instruction services. Under the guidance of the development direction of rail transit, rail transit turnstiles will also combine mobile Internet, 5G, Internet of Things, big data, etc., to develop in the direction of intelligence, digitization, energy saving and high efficiency, and use informatization and technological innovation to promote rail transit access station management equipment and system optimization and upgradingfor data collection, summary analysis, forecast decision, and data empowerment, and improve the overall efficiency and safety controllability of the innovative industry chain.


security turnstiles


At the seminar, Shenzhen Metro Group demonstrated the innovative application of the AFC system of Shenzhen Metro Line 20, and Shenzhen Metro Line 20 built the first-generation "Internet +" automatic ticketing system based on smart ticketing and smart customer service. The turnstile is changed from a flap barrier turnstile to a thinner speed gate turnstile. Face recognition is added to the verification method, voice recognition, customer service robots, virtual customer service, VR navigation are added to the ticketing booking system. Digital currency electronic payment method is applied at the pilot. These innovative applications further liberate passengers' dependence on physical tickets and mobile phones and other media. By using non-contact face recognition and voice recognition methods, passengers can travel quickly without feeling.


In the field of rail transit, CMOLO has been at the forefront of the industry, continuously integrating new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, mobile Internet, and the Internet of Things, innovating and optimizing rail transit turnstiles, and providing passengers with innovative, green and convenient turnstiles and services to empower passengers to travel smartly.


In the research and development of rail transit turnstiles, CMOLO is quite forward-looking. We have developed automatic swing gate ticket turnstiles in the early years, and now the trend of flap barrier turnstile to speed gate turnstile is coming. In fact, no matter it is products or technology, we have been doing some advanced research and development to surpass our competitors and provide users with turnstile products that not only meet the needs of the present but also take into account the future.


security turnstiles

Automatic rail transit swing gate ticket turnstile RPW-101


security turnstiles

Automatic rail transit swing gate ticket turnstile RPW-TSK2000


In addition to the integration of new technologies, CMOLO is also continuously optimizing and upgrading the technology of the rail transit turnstiles and improving the performance of the turnstiles to ensure the high quality of the turnstiles, thereby ensuring the safety of passengers and providing users with a good passing experience. For example, our rail transit turnstiles have a lossless mechanism structure design, very high anti-overload and impact resistance, original mechanical power-off door automatic opening technology, combined double-crank connecting rod structure fireproof folding flaps, photoelectric stereo & mechanical & Current detection triple anti-pinch technology, 10 million times trouble-free operation and other hard core capabilities. All these ensure that our rail transit turnstiles can sensitively and accurately detect pedestrian traffic conditions, better ensure the safety of pedestrians, the stability and long service life of the turnstiles, and meet the requirements of subway high frequency and the long-term stable use of high pedestrian flow.


As early as 2015, CMOLO began to participate in the design, R&D, and production of some rail transit projects to accumulate experience in rail transit turnstiles. By 2015, we have mastered the core technologies for independent research and development and manufacturing of rail transit turnstiles. Previously, the rail transit turnstile industry was controlled by European and American brands. CMOLO broke this control. We have improved the technical level of China's turnstile industry by a big step. Since 2015, CMOLO has undertaken many rail transit turnstile projects at home and abroad, and can independently finish the research and development, design, sample making, mass production, auxiliary installation, etc. of the whole machine. We have rich experience in rail transit turnstile customization already.


In the field of domestic rail transit, we have established a good cooperative relationship with Shenzhen Metro Group and have cooperated on many subway projects, such as the transformation of the QR code of the ticket checking module of the subway turnstile, the customization of the platform validator machine and the transformation of the QR code, and the self-service ticketing machine Customization, etc. These projects are innovations in response to the development of technology and user needs, so as to provide passengers with more convenience and help Shenzhen Metro to build low-carbon, intelligent rail transit access station management.


security turnstiles

Shenzhen Metro QR code turnstile


security turnstiles

Shenzhen Metro 11th Platform Validator Machine


security turnstiles

Shenzhen Metro Self-service Ticket Machines


Now that science and technology continue to introduce new technologies, we will continue to embrace new technologies and continue to develop and innovate to store energy for future rail transit turnstiles, so that customers can enjoy high-quality innovative services, and help customers create digital, green and efficient rail transit access management.


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