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Let’s Explore the Secrets of Powerful CMOLO Turnstiles 2021-02-01


Many people say, CMOLO turnstiles are so powerful

Why do they say like this?

Do you want to know, too?

So, let’s explore the secrets of powerful CMOLO turnstiles here.


 cmolo turnstile




Nervous system - logical algorithm

Control and guide all the movements of turnstile

Independent R & D, the core patented technology of the whole scene

Algorithm “IQ vale” is up to 140 scores



“Brain” - circuit boards 

Carrier of logic algorithm

Independent R & D, modular design

Adopt highly integrated chips such as DSP+ARM

Using SMT automatic placement technology

Stable performance, long-lasting durability

Reserve a variety of interfaces, high compatibility



“Heart” – Mechanism

Power transmission structure

Independent R & D, advanced structure

With very high fatigue resistance and impact resistance

Withstand high overload, strong load, high frequency use

Very long life, very high stability

MTBF of More than 10 million 



“Skeleton” – Cabinet

Support the world of turnstiles, carry all parts

The assembly is tight and the internal design is compact and reasonable

Both beautiful and delicate, but also durable

Can steadily resist the severe cold and heat, wind, frost, rain and snow



“Eyes” – IR sensors

Matrix distribution

Relying on amazing logic algorithms

Sensitive to pedestrians / objects in the passageway

Efficiently guarantee passing safety



“Blood vessel” – Wiring Connection

Sending signals to the "whole body" of the turnstile

The wiring is firm and not easy to fall off

Clear identification and wiring specifications



“Skin” – Surface Technology

Comfortable touch, high-quality texture

The surface of the turnstile is smooth, bright, smooth and meticulous

Splicing gap of stainless steel plate <1mm, uniform

Swiping-card panel, infrared baffle, indicator board are seamlessly spliced with stainless steel plate 

The brush lines are so uniform



“Mouth” – Voice Prompts

Alarm for forcible intrusion, tailgating passing, long stay in the passageway

Alert managers to effectively deal with illegal passing

Customized voices: "Welcome home", "Please swipe your card", "Verification passed"...

Give users a more comfortable and convenient passing experience



“Muscle” – raw materials & parts

High precision, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance

Higher than other competitors on the starting line of quality

Lay a solid foundation for manufacturing turnstiles



Every part of turnstile is indispensable

We make every part with heart

Ensure the quality of each part

To ensure the quality of the whole turnstile



After the birth of CMOLO turnstile, he will be sent for body examination

Carry out CE certification, Ministry of Public Security type inspection, 10 million life test, etc.

"Body examination report" shows: the physical fitness of our turnstiles is great

Only the turnstiles with excellent physical fitness

Can "get out of home" and help customers "make a good contribution"



In the future, we will continue to work hard

Ensure that every part of the turnstile is in good health

Make the quality of each turnstile more "powerful"




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