Low-door Optical Turnstile Gate

  • CPW-302Y

The low-door optical turnstile gate CPW-302Y has a lossless modular mechanism structure, and has an advanced servo control system and DSP+ARM motor control technology independently developed by CMOLO. The turnstile adopts DC brushless motor and accurate positioning encoders, so as to make the optical turnstile gate with advantages of high stability, high safety, long life service, strong load capacity, accurate detection, fast, stable and silent running, etc.

The turnstile is suitable for high security indoor occasions such as office buildings, airports, government agencies, schools, hospitals, and leisure venues etc.



advanced core patented technology



high safety, triple anti-pinch



high stability, optimize the mechanism structure



long life









accurate & fast detection



stable & smooth running



modular design, easy maintenance



high compatibility, high integration



Advanced & Intelligent Turnstile Core Technology


Strong & stable mechanism structure

The lossless modular mechanism structure independently developed by CMOLO adopts CNC machining technology to ensure the high precision of each module of the mechanism; the mechanism adopts an advanced multi-arm connecting mechanical structure, which is efficient, stable. It can accurately control the rotation angle of the gate and reduce the loss, to ensure the reliability of the mechanism and prolong the service life of the mechanism.


Advanced core logic algorithm

Low-door optical turnstile gate adopts advanced servo control system and DSP+ARM motor control technology, combined with the motor control algorithm independently developed by CMOLO, which can achieve precise control and positioning of the obstacle and maintain stable performance.

The turnstile adopts CMOLO® patented passing detection algorithm and matrix photoelectric stereo detection technology, to sensitively detect illegal behaviors such as reversely passing and tailgating, and issues warnings in the form of sound and light, and can be linked with other security systems.


Long service life

The mechanism module adopts DC brushless motor, combined with the lossless modular structure design, so that the low-door optical turnstile gate has a long service life.



The mechanism has a strong load capacity

The mechanism structure design is compact with very large load. It can load obstacles weighing up to 12KG and run smoothly.



All-around Pedestrian Safety Protection


Triple anti-clamping

With triple anti-clamping technologies such as infrared anti-clamping, mechanical anti-clamping and anti-collision by advanced electric current detection, low-door optical turnstile gate does have a strong anti-clamping function.


Turnstile opens when power failure

The optical turnstile gate equips with emergency escape control device, to make the system automatically open the gate to evacuate pedestrian.


Emergency open

The low-door optical turnstile gate equips with emergency escape control device, to make the system automatically open the gate to evacuate pedestrian.


Anti-electric shock

All electric modules are designed to operate under the safety voltage of 24V, and configured with residual current protective device to prevent pedestrian from being injured by electric shocks. 





Appearance The cabinet size, material and surface treatment process of the optical turnstile gate can be moderately customized
Lane width The maximum lane width can be 900mm, but the cabinet width should be increased accordingly.
System integration

Integrate with access control system, human body temperature measurement system, ticketing system, time attendance system, visitor system etc.

Integrate with QR code, face, fingerprint, ID/IC card, passport identification system etc.

Integrate with card collection system, and customize card collection device

Surface treatment of the cabinet

Satin finish / polishing / dull polish / electroplating / baking finish.


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