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New Hot Model Coming---CMOLO New Speed gate turnstile 2022-05-23



Adhering to innovation is the consistent philosophy of CMOLO. Every time a new product is launched, there must be something innovative.

This time, we have enlarged our moves again, and the speed gate turnstile to be released will be completely renewed from the inside to the outside.

It is both functional and aesthetic, pleasing to the eye, and is suitable for N kinds of indoor scenes.



01 Changing--- outward appearance


speed gate



When you see this speed gate turnstile, your reaction will be "wow, it's so beautiful, I love it".

It follows the minimalist design concept, with a flat top and circular arcs on the front and rear sides, with clean streamlines.

The surface of the housing adopts the electrolytic board painted process, which presents a smooth and delicate effect and a high-quality texture.

The paint adopts low-saturation color matching, which makes the whole machine simple but not monotonous.



02 Changing---Mechanism



 speed gate



The mechanism of the new speed gate turnstile has changed a lot. It is a new mechanism structure + a new logic algorithm, which is completely different from the ones that have been launched. This mechanism took 3 years from the beginning of development to application, and the last year was tested and optimized to ensure the quality. Relying on our years of rich R&D experience and insight into market demand, the new mechanism developed is still advanced, and can greatly improve the cost performance and applicability of new products.



03 How is the Performance?


speed gate



Equipped with "new mechanism structure + new logic algorithm", the new speed gate turnstile still has superior performance.

It can quickly and accurately detect the passage behaviors such as authorized passing, reverse passing, tailing passing, and illegal entry in the passage.

High safety, with infrared anti-pinch + mechanical anti-pinch + current detection anti-collision triple anti-pinch technology, which can effectively ensure the safety of pedestrians.

The movement structure is equipped with a servo motor, which is designed for a non-destructive structure, which ensure the speed gate turnstile has high stability and long life.



04 Occasion Applications



The new speed gate turnstile CPW-168HS is suitable for any indoor scene. The width of the speed gate turnstile is just right. It does not take up much space and can integrate many other system accessories. Therefore, it is applicable to a wide range of occasions, including office buildings, libraries, museums, gyms, schools, governments, and hospitals and other indoor occasions.


 swing gate turnstile

▲Painted Speed gate turnstile CPW-168HS



The new speed gate turnstile has a pleasing appearance, advanced mechanism, superior performance, and wide applicability. It is so attractive, powerful and practical that it is predicted to become the next hot model.



As a turnstile gate company with great innovation and research and development capabilities, CMOLO has always been demand-oriented, constantly digging into scene applications, and will continue to in-depth research and innovation in the future. Inject innovative power into the development of the turnstile industry.



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