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Online Marketing Specialist 2022-07-08



1. Full-time college degree or above; Major in advertising, news or marketing is preferred.

2. 1-2 years experience in online marketing; the experience in industrial product marketing is preferred. 

3. With excellent marketing ability and strong writing skills.

4. With good online resources & experience in marketing, rich experience in online promotion & team building & management.

5. Proficient in various online marketing skills (including SEO, blogs, BBS, Microblog, WeChat, etc.);

6. Proficient in the promotion of domestic and foreign trade and familiar with various e-commerce websites.

7. With a keen market sense and active thinking, shape insight, information analysis and integration ability.

8. Have team management ability & cooperation spirit; Work conscientiously & responsibly.



1. Online and offline marketing planning and operation.

2. Marketing promotion copywriting, advertisement release and tracking.

3. Collecting, analysis, sorting and feedback the industry marketing information.

4. Manage company website, including maintenance, optimization, information updating, etc.


Please send your resume to sales@cmolo.cn



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