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Only "hard core" Outdoor Speed gate turnstiles Are Suitable for the “rigid” Nanjing Iron & Steel Group 2020-12-07


Recently, the face recognition outdoor speed gate turnstile provided by CMOLO for Nanjing Iron and Steel Group was put into use online. In addition to Nanjing Iron and Steel group, we have also cooperated with AnSteel Group, Baogang Group, Fujian Baosteel Group and other large steel companies to provide them with hard-core turnstiles and services.


stainless steel turnstile

           ▲ Nanjing Iron and Steel Group- face recognition outdoor speed gate turnstile


stainless steel turnstile

  ▲ AnSteel Group- face recognition outdoor speed gate turnstile


stainless steel turnstile

  ▲ Baogang Group- outdoor speed gate turnstile


stainless steel turnstile

                         ▲ Fujian Baosteel Group- outdoor speed gate turnstile


The steel industry factories are characterized by large numbers of people, ride bikes to work, and outdoor use. In view of these use characteristics, the outdoor turnstiles for the steel industry we have developed have many advantages and can well meet these requirements.


1. Use of high flow of pedestrian and high frequency. Some factories are large in scale, with tens of thousands of employees. The turnstiles are used frequently during peak hours. CMOLO’s factory turnstiles have very high resistance to overload and impact and can withstand such high frequenciesuse. In addition, the mechanisms of our factory turnstile and its control system have passed 10 million life tests. The turnstile hasvery high stability and long service life.


2. Wide passage design, shared by people and vehicles. Most factory employees commute towork or get off work on bicycles, electric vehicle, and motorcycles. The wide passage design of the turnstile just meets this demand. Our mechanism structure is advanced, the load is larger, and it can load the stainless steel swing gate with 1m~2m wide.


3. Anti-violent impact on the swing gate. It is inevitable that employees will hit the swing door when they ride their bicycles. The mechanism of ordinary turnstiles is easily damaged after being hit. The anti-collision speed gate turnstiles of CMOLO are designed with elastic swing gate to withstand frequent violent impacts, effectively absorbing impact through self-buffering and repair, thereby protecting the turnstile swing gate and mechanism.


4. Waterproof and dustproof IP65. Speed gate turnstiles are used outdoors and must be exposed to the sun, rain, wind, sand, rain and snow, so waterproof and dustproof are especially important. The internal and external of our outdoor turnstiles cabinets are designed to be waterproof and dustproof, with a protection level of up to IP65, which can effectively meet the use of outdoor different weather.


5. High temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-condensation, and strong environmental weather resistance. Using intelligent temperature control design, set the upper and lower limits of temperature, when the temperature in the cabinet is lower than the lower limit or higher than the upper limit, the thermostat will automatically heat or dissipate heat, regardless of the high temperature or low temperature, the temperature inside the cabinet is keepingwithin the limited range, and will not form condensation due to the large temperature difference between day and night, so as to protect the internal electronic components.


6. Anti-sunlight interference. The infrared detection system adopts a matrix distribution and a design to avoid direct sunlight to reduce the interference of sunlight to infrared and avoid false detection and false alarms.


7. High security: infrared & mechanical & current detection triple anti-pinch. It can sensitively detect the passing state of pedestrians in the passage, prevent the pedestrian from being pinched, and at the same time, prevent pedestrians from illegally intrusion and tailgating.


After the use of turnstiles for equipment management, an orderly, standardized and efficient pedestrian access management can be established for the factory.


1. Recognition by swiping face, no sense of passage, that is convenient and smart.


2. The security level is improved, and the identity of pedestrian is accurately identified to prevent malicious people from entering.


3. Connect access control, time attendance, visitor, monitoring, parking, operation and other systems, link management, obtain management information in real time, and create visual data management.


4. Save labor costs, reduce security workload, and improve management efficiency.


5. Equipment management, no manual intervention, reduce personnel friction, better user experience and higher convenience.


6. Achieve fine division of personnel and area management, open to employees, visitors, VIPs, strangers, etc., different office areas are open to different personnel.


We have already mastered the demand for turnstiles in steel plants in the past. In the future, with changes in demand and technology, we will continue to optimize and innovate the turnstiles provided for steel factories to empower them to build digital and intelligent pedestrian access control management.


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