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Invention patents



Full height turnstile shared by pedestrians and bicycle   Intelligent entrance guard system and access control detection method   Speed gate turnstile with coaxial mechanism     




Utility model patents




Double-gate interlocking turnstile



Speed gate turnstile with strong violence resistance



Speed gate turnstile with coaxial dual-mechanism



Speed gate turnstile that automatically open after power failure


High sensitive sensing turnstile for matrix type photoelectric stereo detection Turnstile with high safety in rail transit    Automatic test system for tripod turnstile   Self-locking full height turnstile   Telescopic optical turnstile gate with wide passage




Appearance design patents



Subway speed gate turnstile   Butterfly speed gate turnstile   Subway ticketing flap barrier turnstile   Intelligent unattended guard gate




Software copyrights



Speed gate turnstile control software   Flap barrier turnstile control software   Semi automatic tripod turnstile control software   Optical turnstile gate control software




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