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Pedestrian Turnstiles Help Smart Travel and Build a Low-carbon and Environmentally-friendly Travel Mode 2021-11-01



Airport, high-speed rail, subway, train station, bus station, customs, wharf...

Imaging these places, they are very crowded, but turnstiles are installed there.

Pedestrian turnstiles replace humans and are used for identity verification, ticket checking, charging, etc.

It has brought a lot of convenience to people and greatly helped the construction of smart travel.


The feature of public transportation is the number of people and the number of times the turnstiles are used.

Under high-frequency use, pedestrian gates are prone to problems such as failure, slow running speed, and slow ticket inspection.

These conditions will greatly reduce the efficiency of traffic and even cause congestion, causing a lot of inconvenience to managers and passengers.


The public transportation turnstile solution provided by CMOLO can solve the above problems, and meet the requirements such as high-frequency use, long-term stable work, and high-efficiency traffic, etc. 

Ensure the safety of pedestrians, seamlessly connecting with the ticketing system.



CMOLO Metro Ticketing Turnstile System

▲CMOLO Metro Ticketing Turnstile System RPW-TSG3000



Pedestrian turnstiles suitable for various public transportation occasions include real-name verification turnstiles, ticketing turnstiles, toll collection turnstiles, and corresponding functional turnstiles are installed in different areas according to the needs of each occasion. They all have important characteristics such as high stability, high safety, long life, high frequency use, and high compatibility.



01 Real-name verification turnstile



CMOLO’s self-developed real-name verification face recognition speed gate turnstile CPW-110Y is usually used in airports, high-speed railways, railway stations, bus stations, and customs to verify real names of passengers.

The speed gate turnstile will be open when the real person’s face is consistent with the ID. The verification process only takes 3 to 6 seconds. The face recognition rate is as high as 99%, which is faster and more accurate than traditional manual verification, and can give passengers more comfort human-computer interaction experience.

The use of real-name verification turnstile instead of manual management can not only reduce operating costs, but also collect data through the turnstiles for decision-making analysis and establish a visual management system.

At the same time, it will help to create the three-dimensional social security prevention and control network, and effectively ensure the safety and stability of public places.



CMOLO Real-name Verification Face Recognition Speed gate turnstile

▲CMOLO Real-name Verification Face Recognition Speed gate turnstile CPW-110Y



02 Ticketing turnstiles / Toll collection turnstiles



CMOLO Real-name Verification Face Recognition Speed gate turnstile

▲CMOLO Metro Automatic Ticket-checking Turnstile RPW-101



CMOLO Real-name Verification Face Recognition Speed gate turnstile

▲CMOLO metro automatic ticket-checking Flap barrier turnstile RPW-201



CMOLO Ticketing Tripod Turnstile

▲CMOLO Ticketing Tripod Turnstile CPW-400D



According to different usage requirements, one or more combinations of speed gate turnstile, flap barrier turnstile, and tripod turnstile can be selected.

CMOLO's self-developed three-dimensional detection technology + core pass algorithm can effectively identify passengers with various postures and various types of luggage. It can sensitively detect the passing state of pedestrians, avoid accidents such as pinching and bruising, and effectively guarantee the safety of pedestrians. It can effectively detect illegal passing such as tailgating, intrusion to prevent that kind of behavior to avoid the loss of the operator.

It can integrate face recognition, 2D code recognition, RFID and NFC technology, seamlessly connecting with the ticket inspection / toll collection system, and the verification is accurate and the ticket inspection speed is fast.



Take pedestrian turnstiles as the endpoint, with the widespread use of "mobile scan code" & "mobile payment", "smart travel" is developing rapidly and its coverage is getting wider and wider. "Mobile scan code" & "mobile payment" replace the original physical air tickets, bus tickets, single tickets, etc., creating a low-carbon travel mode that saves resources and makes people's travel more and more convenient. In the future, CMOLO will integrate more emerging technologies to create smarter and more convenient turnstile products and services, and better assist in the construction of smart travel!




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