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Public Transit Turnstile Solution


Applicable scene


High-speed rail station, railway station, bus station, subway station, BRT station, light rail station, wharf, etc.



Pain point


The passenger flow of public transport stations is very large, with complex identities, the body and appearance are different, the identification is very difficult, and the workload is also very large. In the case of high-frequency use, the turnstile is prone to failure, such as slow response, noise in operation, and stop working etc.
If the turnstile fails, it will affect the traffic efficiency, lengthen the queue time of passengers, to cause congestion, and bring a lot of inconvenience to administrator and passengers. The turnstile has poor stability, short life and high failure frequency. It needs constant maintenance or replacement, which not only consumes more costs, but also affects the management image.
It is necessary to consider the passage of adults with children, people of different ages, and different physical shapes, as well as the passage of baby carriage, wheelchairs, luggage, strollers, etc. The labor cost is increasing year by year, the efficiency of manual management is low, and the management level cannot keep up with the development of the times.





In order to solve the pain points of public transportation, CMOLO has developed a personalized turnstile solution, which meets the requirements of high frequency use, long-term stable work, long life, high safety, high traffic efficiency, and the ability to carry pedestrian and objects, seamlessly docking with the ticket checking system and other requirements.


Suitable for high-speed rail station, railway station, bus station


Application area Entrance Checkpoint Exit
The management of ID card identification and air ticket verification
Applicable turnstiles Real name verification speed gate turnstile

Auto ticketing speed gate turnstile, auto ticketing flap barrier turnstile

Verification methods Biometric identification, ID card identification ID card identification, QR code identification


Suitable for metro station, BRT station, light rail station, wharf


Application area Entrance Exit Business Compartment
The management of ticketing and toll collection
Applicable turnstiles Auto ticketing speed gate turnstile, auto ticketing flap barrier turnstile Platform Validator
Verification methods QR code identification, ID card identification and NFC identification


Suitable for bus


Application area Inside the bus
Toll collection management
Applicable turnstiles
Tripod turnstile
Verification methods QR code identification, ID card identification, NFC identification



Solution feature


Advanced technology

Independent research and development of advanced logic algorithms and mechanical structures, with the core technology of all types of turnstiles



High safety

Adopt CMOLO® patented passing detection algorithm, and infrared & mechanical & current detection triple anti-pinch


High stability & long life

Equipped with advanced DSP+ARM motor control technology and original motor control algorithm, the mechanism and its control system have passed 10 million life tests



Fast and accurate detection

Matrix photoelectric stereoscopic detection technology + CMOLO® pass detection algorithm can quickly and accurately detect passing behaviors such as authorized pass, tailgating, reverse, and intrusion.etc.


High frequency use

With very high fatigue resistance and impact resistance, it can meet the needs of high traffic scene.



Wide passageway

Satisfy the passage of luggage, bulky items, strollers, wheelchairs, baby carriage, etc.


Beautiful design

Advanced texture, fashionable shape, exquisite craftsmanship



Modular Design

Easy to repair quickly, reduce maintenance workload and operating cost


System linkage

Compatible with access control, time attendance, visitor and other systems, breaking information islands, connecting data of various systems to manage collaboratively



Personalized Customization

According to the needs of the application scene, the appearance and functions can be flexibly customized to meet the application requirements and match the application environment


Three-in-one verification

The turnstile can be seamlessly connected with the face recognition system, ID card verification system, and ticket checking system for three-in-one real-name verification.



Automatically open the door upon power off

With mechanical power-off automatic opening technology, in the event of power failure, the blocking body automatically opens the door to form an open state, so as to quickly evacuate the crowd.




Solution benefit



Self-service ticket checking and verification improves user experience and ease of use.



Accurate identification of pedestrian identities avoids forgery and theft of identity etc.


Orderly divert passengers to avoid chaotic scenes and improve traffic efficiency



Record traffic data for planning and decision analysis to achieve digital management



Connect systems at all levels, realize data interconnection, and establish an intelligent and integrated management system



Improve the technological level of management, improve management efficiency, and enhance the scene image



Create "paperless" pass to realize green travel



It can be networked with the Ministry of Public Security to play the role of anti-terrorism and criminal investigation, improve the security level, and further maintain the public safety.



Applicable turnstile


Auto ticket speed gate turnstile

Auto ticket speed gate turnstile RPW-TSK2000


Auto ticket speed gate turnstile

Auto ticket speed gate turnstile RPW-101


Auto ticket flap barrier turnstile

Auto ticket flap barrier turnstile RPW-TSG3000


Auto ticket flap barrier turnstile

Auto ticket flap barrier turnstile RPW-201


Real name verification speed gate turnstile

Real name verification speed gate turnstile CPW-110Y

Metro station platform validator

Metro station platform validator PPW-HJ001

Bus tripod turnstile

Tripod turnstile






Typical Cases


subway turnstile

Shenzhen Metro


metro turnstile

Shenzhen Metro


Shenzhen Metro


optical turnstile

Ningbo rail Transit

turnstile barrier

Ningbo Wharf

flap barrier turnstile

Hong Kong Star Ferry




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