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School Is Closed for Summer Vacation, but the Turnstiles Do Not Have Holiday 2021-08-03



The summer vacation is half-way over, and the school is empty,

But “someone” normally works to maintain the safety of the school.

In addition to the security guard, turnstile also guards the safety of the school.

Together with the turnstiles, security guard supervises the entrances and exits of the school 24 hours a day.



There are many people entering and leaving the school, including students, teachers, other staff, visitors, delivery staff, couriers, strangers, etc. Relying on manual management alone will inevitably be not so correct. It may allow some people with bad intentions to enter the school and cause certain safety hazards to the school.



Using turnstiles instead of manual management, turnstiles can identify the identity of each person who enters and exits, strengthen the management of various pedestrian entrances and exits in the school, prevent campus safety accidents, can break “information islands” and integrate the turnstile system with the student management system, dormitory management system, teacher management system, visitor system, student transfer system, etc., to establish a three-dimensional, information-based linkage management system, so as to improve the school's safety management level.


If your school hasn't installed turnstiles, take advantage of the summer vacation to make rectifications and welcome the lovely students with a new look when the school starts.



Outdoor speed gate turnstile

Outdoor speed gate turnstile of school – shared by pedestrian & vehicle, resistance to violent impact



In schools, pedestrian turnstiles are usually installed at school gates, dormitory areas, teaching buildings, libraries, gymnasiums and other places to record all passing information, which is also convenient for query and tracking, and helps schools create efficient digital management.



At the school gate, you can choose outdoor speed gate turnstile, which can be shared by pedestrian and non-motorized vehicles, can withstand accidental impacts of non-motor vehicles, and have a waterproof and dust-proof rating of IP65, which can meet the use of outdoor environments. Outdoor turnstiles can integrate access control management systems for students, teachers, visitors, etc., to accurately identify teachers, students, and visitors, and effectively prevent miscellaneous people from entering the school.



In the dormitory area, like the school gate, same outdoor speed gate turnstile can be used, and the student management system can be integrated to record the time of students entering and leaving the dormitory, so as to well know the student's work and rest situation and formulate a more reasonable dormitory safety management plan.



In libraries, teaching buildings or gymnasiums, indoor speed gate turnstile / indoor flap barrier turnstile / tripod turnstile, etc. can be used to integrate teacher, student, and visitor management systems to identify the identities of pedestrian and record the passing situation.



In all turnstiles used by the school, verification methods such as face recognition, QR code recognition, and certificate recognition can be added according to actual needs. The verification methods are diversified and convenient for different groups of people, making the school's pedestrian access management more intelligent.



Outdoor speed gate turnstile

Speed gate turnstile installed at International Islamic University, Malaysia



Outdoor speed gate turnstile

Speed gate turnstile installed at University of Oregon, USA



Outdoor speed gate turnstile

Tripod turnstile installed at Duoc UC Melipilla Headquarters, Chile



Outdoor speed gate turnstile

Flap barrier turnstile installed at Greensprings School, Nigeria



The intelligent upgrade of the entrance and exit of the school can not only improve the efficiency of school management and create a safe campus environment, but also give students, teachers, and parents a more sense of security.



Based on many years of experience in the education industry, CMOLO has been continuously optimizing school turnstiles and services, helping each school's digital and intelligent construction of pedestrian access management, and helping each school create a safe and quiet learning and living environment.



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