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Speed Gate Turnstile with Coaxial Double Mechanism Is with Both Beauty and Strength 2022-02-28


Black technology turnstile - speed gate turnstile with coaxial double mechanism, optimization and upgrading after 3 rounds, you will see better performance ~~~



What is coaxial double mechanism?



Design two mechanisms on the same central axis



 speed gate



Where is the black technology reflected?



The coaxial double mechanism technology is a patented technology independently developed by CMOLO. This is a brand-new mechanism structure independently developed by us, which is a technical breakthrough of high-end turnstiles with high difficulty.


Coaxial double mechanism speed gate turnstile


▲Coaxial double mechanism speed gate turnstile CPW-622CS



What is the difficulty in realizing the coaxial double mechanism?



First of all, the transmission mode is newly designed. The same rotation center controls two different blocking bodies to perform independent rotation actions to realize the door opening and closing of different passageway.

Secondly, each component is of high precision, and the assembly of components also needs to ensure high precision, so as to ensure the stability and life of the mechanism.

Third, the inner space of the central axis is limited, and all the parts of the two mechanisms are loaded in one central column, and the structure of the mechanism is very compact.

Fourth, the central axis not only plays the role of carrying the mechanism parts, but also plays the role of supporting the whole machine. It is a breakthrough to realize the dual role and effectively reduce the use space.

Fifth, the new compact structure design realizes the thin body, which not only saves space but also looks beautiful.

Sixth, it has higher safety and stability, the gate runs more smoothly, and the noise is lower.



The difference between the coaxial double mechanism speed gate turnstile and the traditional double mechanism speed gate turnstile



Coaxial double mechanism speed gate turnstile: Two mechanism axis are combined into one, through the optimized compact design, all parts of the double mechanism are placed in one same axis, which greatly reduces the volume of the cabinet, and the gate is fixed inside the cabinet to make the appearance of the whole machine more concise and elegant.



Traditional double mechanism speed gate turnstile: two mechanisms use the mechanism axis independently, and the mechanism axis is placed on the left and right sides of the cabinet, which is separated from the cabinet and occupy large space, and the gate is fixed outside the cabinet, which is less aesthetic than coaxial double mechanism speed gate turnstile.



 sharing the same central axis


Two mechanisms are separate


fixed outside the cabinet


fixed way


Beauty and strength coexist


Coaxial double mechanism speed gate turnstile


▲Coaxial double mechanism speed gate turnstile



In addition to its extraordinary scientific and technological strength, the coaxial double mechanism speed gate turnstile also looks eye-catching.

The "工" shaped skeleton + decorative glass forms a slim "body". The overall appearance is clean, transparent and bright, which matches with the architectural environment of high-end occasions and shows the high-end design appearance.

The top is made of artificial stone, which has a more advanced and beautiful texture and better matches the on-site architectural environment.



artificial stone swing gate



The flowing lights on the top make the speed gate turnstile brighter. The human-computer interaction experience is more comfortable. The lights can be customized in different shapes and colors.



 flowing lights



The fluorescent pattern on the glass can be customized to enrich the visual experience, and the personalized theme pattern can be customized according to the corporate culture and scene style to show the unique charm of the scene.



  flowing lights



CMOLO's black technology of turnstile, includes not only coaxial double mechanism technology, but also anti-violent hitting gate technology, mechanical power-off automatic opening technology, many advanced technologies of interlocking double gate, high load, wide passageway, high frequency use, etc. All of these technologies have been applied to our turnstiles, to facilitate the management of pedestrian entrances and exits in various scenes.



Independent research and development is the long-term core strategy of CMOLO. No matter the past, present or future, we will continue to invest a lot of resources on research and development, maintain our position in the technology field of the industry, and create more "black technology" products, allowing users to enjoy a more beautiful and comfortable turnstile product that combines "function and vision".




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