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Taking "Face Recognition + Temperature Detection Turnstile"As the End Pointto Create Intelligent AccessManagement forSchools 2020-06-22


With 5G era’s coming, more and more industries and applications are combining AI and IoT. AloT has become a trend of intelligent upgrading in traditional industries, and is also an important direction of the future development of the IOT.



Turnstile is the terminal equipment of intelligent pedestrian access management. As a member of the "IOT" equipment, the intelligent development of the turnstile is also constantly improving with the support of AI, big data, IOT and other technologies.Affected by COVID-19 this year, the access management in various occasions has become more difficult, and the turnstile functionshave also changed due to the epidemic demand.Nowadays, the turnstile can not only be used to control personnel access, but also can detectbody temperatures. It has become multi-function equipment.


While the number of confirmed cases across the country is almost zero, the situationin Beijing has re-emerged.At present, we should not take the control of the epidemic lightly.Kindergartens, primary and middle schools in Beijing have been closed because of that.For schools across the country that have resumed classes, it is the top priority to do well in the epidemiccontrol at eachentrance and exit. During the epidemiccontrol, temperature detection is essential. At the same time, it is necessary to control the accessrights of personnel and try to avoid over-close contact between people.How to solve all these problems at the same time? Installing "face recognition + temperature detection turnstile"at the pedestrian entrances is avery efficient way.


school turnstiles


For the pedestrian access management of schools, for example, main entrance, dormitory, canteen, library, gym, etc., temperature detection stations are mostly set up at the entrance and exit of these places. The staff uses the forehead thermometer or hand thermometer to detectthe pedestrians one by one.This method of manual temperature detection is not only inefficient, but also increases the contact between staff and pedestrians and the risk of cross-infection. Moreover, it is impossible to identifypedestrians when wearing masks, which increases the risk for school safety.


The "face recognition + temperature detection + mask recognition"turnstile solves various problems, such as temperature detection + personnel verification + contact infectionrisk + data collection.


In response to the epidemic and to provide efficient pedestrian access management for schools, CMOLO launched a turnstile with face recognition + temperature detection + mask detection. It adopts the advanced face recognition depth algorithm and thermal imaging temperature screening technology to detect people’s face and body temperature in a non-contact way, which can not only quickly identify pedestrians, but also accurately detect the body temperature.


Passing by face recognition, no feeling


Compared with card swipingor code scanning,face recognition is a passing without feeling. It can be recognized in microseconds without the active cooperation and contact of pedestrians, convenient and hygienic, which can effectively improve traffic efficiency and reduce the stay time of pedestrians.


Replace manual temperature detection to avoid contact infection


Replacing manual temperature detection with turnstile temperature detection can reduce the frequency of close contact between staff and pedestrians and reduce the risk of cross-infection.In addition, the turnstile management can not only make the personnel access management more orderly, but also help to reduce the workload of security guard.


Detect whether pedestrians are wearing masks


When pedestrians enter the recognition area without wearing masks, the turnstile willissue a voice prompting pedestrians to wear masks.Given the current situation of the epidemic, we can't take off masks yet. We still need to do a good job in protecting ourselves.


Accurate recognition and temperature detection


No matter whether the pedestrian is wearing a mask or not, the turnstile can quickly recognize the pedestrian and detecthis/her temperature. Unauthorized personnel, blacklisted personnel and personnel with abnormal temperature will be alerted when they enter the recognition area, and the turnstile will be kept closed to effectively block above-mentioned personnel.

security turnstiles


Automatically collect passing and temperature detection information, with digital management.


If temperature detection by a temperature gun, it is not convenient for the staff to record the passing and temperature information of all pedestrians. The turnstile can automatically record the passing situation and temperature information of each people, and transmit the information to the background for effective digital management.


Real name control & recording and tracking & maintainingschool security


Real-name management can prevent unknown personnel from entering the school, preventingthe safety accidents of schools.The passing result and snapshot record can be saved automatically, which is convenient for staff to retrieve and query, and help to track abnormal personnel and suspicious personnel.


Break information isolation&system integration & linkage management


If the pedestrian entrances are managed manually, it is difficult to record the data completely. And it is also impossible to link with other systems without the support of terminal equipment.With the pedestrian turnstile system, it can be connected with the student management system, teacher management system, visitor system, student transfer system, etc., for efficient linkage management among various systems.


The intelligent upgrade of pedestrian access management can not only improve the efficiency of school management, but also give teachers, students and parents more security.Based on the in-depth understanding of the education industry, CMOLO deeply integrates the self-developed turnstiles with the practical application of the education industry, and continuously optimizes the school's pedestrian access turnstiles and services.In the future, CMOLO hopes to protect the pedestrian safety of every school with the power of intelligent technology, helping the digital and intelligent construction of pedestrian access management, and helping schools to create a safe and quiet learning and living environment.



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