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"Temperature Detecting + Health Code" Anti-epidemic Turnstile, Creating Digital Epidemic Prevention 2022-07-11


Nowadays, the epidemic still occurs at times, and epidemic prevention and control is still normalized. According to relevant regulations, various public places, transportation, etc., need to scan the place code, show the health code and itinerary code, and measure the temperature at the entrance. When these tasks are checked manually, the workload of front-line staff is very heavy, the efficiency of personnel traffic is low, the contact rate of personnel is also high, and the risk of cross-infection increases. Moreover, manual verification still has problems such as difficulty in tracing back the flow, high labor costs, and omissions in verification, etc.


How to achieve contactless epidemic prevention and control?


In order to solve various problems of normalized epidemic prevention and control, CMOLO has launched epidemic prevention turnstiles to replace manual verification, helping to create contactless epidemic prevention and control in various occasions and ensuring efficient operation.


stainless steel turnstile

▲"Temperature Detecting + Health Code" Epidemic Prevention Turnstile CPW-168HS


The anti-epidemic turnstile can be integrated with systems such as face recognition, temperature detection, identity verification, health code, itinerary code, nucleic acid detection, vaccination and other systems for seven-in-one verification. Pedestrians only need to point at the camera, scan the health code, identify their face or ID card to complete temperature detecting, verification of various epidemic prevention information, which is convenient, efficient and non-contact. In addition, it supports the wearing of masks for face recognition to further reduce the risk of cross-infection.



Self-checking anti-epidemic turnstile---easier and more efficient


speed  gae turnstile▲"Temperature Detecting + Health Code" Epidemic Prevention Turnstile CPW-168HS



Using the anti-epidemic turnstile, personnel can self-check, which can reduce the frequency of close contact and the risk of cross-infection.

The turnstile first plays the role of passing one person at a time, preventing people from evading verification and sneaking in, and helping to improve the security management level of the occasion.


Instead of manual verification, the speed gate can be verified in real time around the clock, which is more accurate and free of omissions, and can also reduce labor costs.

The speed gate can record the traffic data and verify the anti-epidemic information in real time, which makes the flow control traceability more efficient and facilitates the statistical analysis of the data.

Connecting the turnstiles to various anti-epidemic information systems not only makes anti-epidemic control clearer and easier, but also makes it more convenient for people to use.

For example:


- At the airport, all epidemic prevention information verification and identity verification can be completed with only "face + ID card", truly realizing "one-card passing".

- In the hospital, you don't need to take off the mask, just scan the health code or ID card, and you can pass if you meet the epidemic prevention conditions.

- In communities, schools, office buildings, factories, etc., you can scan your face or code for verification and place code registration.


 speed  gae turnstile door

▲"Temperature Detecting + Health Code" Epidemic Prevention Turnstile CPW-168HS


With self-verified anti-epidemic turnstiles, epidemic prevention and control and safety management can be completed at the same time, which can greatly improve management efficiency and user experience. The characteristics of comprehensive verification, efficient traceability, and real-time monitoring of epidemic prevention turnstiles can effectively help establish intelligent, digital, efficient and safe epidemic prevention management in various occasions, and solve various difficulties in normalized epidemic prevention and control.


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