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The Intelligent Upgrade of Pedestrian Access Management Makes the Intelligent Park Within Reach 2020-07-06


Intelligent parks are no longer an unfamiliar concept. The era of intelligent technology we expect is gradually becoming a reality within our reach. Driven by AI, 5G, IOT and other technologies, intelligent parks are constantly upgrading and transforming. Driven by the "new infrastructure construction",intelligent parks continue to develop, and the pedestrian access management in the parks is constantly upgraded with the evolution of technology.


With the diversified market demands, how does CMOLO make pedestrian access solutions?


The turnstile used in the parks has been from only allowing people to pass through to sharing by people and vehicles; its identification methods used in the parks have gradually changed from the original card identification and fingerprint identification to scanning code identification and face recognition, etc., all of which will be upgraded with the change of market demand and technology. How does CMOLO respond to the changing market for intelligent parks?


CMOLO has an advanced turnstile laboratory. Based on turnstile, we study the advanced technology and market changes to cope with the market demand changes of the intelligent park. One of the researches in the laboratory is the forward-looking technical research of the turnstile application in the intelligent park. The research fields include logic algorithms, anti-clamping, anti-tailgating, violence resistance, people & vehicles shared, water & dust resistance, sunlight resistance, high & low temperature resistance, condensation resistance in the environments with large temperature differences between day and night, etc.


Turnstile is a mechatronics product, so the promotion of software and hardware is indispensable.From technology to hardware, from virtual scene to practical application, we always adhere to the "integration of hardware and software", to ensure product quality and user experience.


Our turnstile in intelligent parks has advanced and original elastic swing gate against violent hitting and lossless mechanism structure. It is equipped with CMOLO® patented passing detection algorithm, matrix photoelectric stereo detection technology, DSP+ARM motor control technology. Its mechanism and control system have passed 10 million life tests, with a long service life;it can seamlessly connect access control system, attendance system, visitors system and other systems.


What problems can a forward-looking turnstile solution solve for the park?


The turnstile in the park is mainly installed in the open or semi-open outdoor environment at the main or side entrance. There is dust, rain, snow, sun exposure, temperature difference between day and night and other environmental changes for outdoor. Most of the employees in the park rideelectricmobile or bicycles. The following situations are likely to happen, such as accidentally hitting the turnstile while riding; delaying time in looking for the access control card or QR code or forgetting to bring their cards.How does CMOLO solve these problems?



CMOLO specially developed an outdoor turnstile with violence resistance for outdoor and people &vehicles shared. It has strong violence resistance, waterproof and dustproof level of IP65, applicability of high temperature and low temperature (-40℃ -60℃), and sunlight resistance. And it can meet the needs of pedestrians and motorcycles / bicycles shared. Using this outdoor turnstile can manage the passing of people and vehicles at the same time, and there is no need to worry about the damage caused by accidental impact, not to mention the failure caused by using the turnstile in a bad outdoor environment.


security turnstiles



Intelligent turnstile creates intelligent pedestrian access management. That is face recognition turnstile, which is a representative symbol of intelligence.Face recognition does not need recognition carrier, completely no feelingpassing. It can be make the recognition in microseconds, very fast. In addition, face recognition is unique, and cannot be counterfeited, forge, greatly improving the security.


What is the benefit of using intelligent turnstile to manage pedestrian access in the parks?


The era of manual management has passed, and it has been transformed into equipment managementin recent years.Replacing manual managementwith turnstiles can not only makes management more efficient, but also reduceslabor cost. Using multi-lane turnstiles can divide pedestrians orderly and make the management more orderly.The turnstile can be directly connected to access control system, employee attendance system, visitor system, etc., so as to facilitate the integrated linkage management, effectively manage the personnel in and out, prevent unknown personnel from sneering into the park, avoid the hidden security risks, and improve the security level of the park.The turnstile can automatically record all passing data and transmit it back to the background for storage, which is helpful for future inquiry, tracing, statistics and analysis, and also helpful for connecting with other systems to establish a digital integrated management system.


CMOLO and well-known enterprises at home and abroad to build intelligent parks


security turnstiles

▲Shanxi Aerospace Times Navigation Equipment Co. LTD., China


security turnstiles

▲CNPC Dushanzi Petroleum Corp., Karamay, China


security turnstiles

▲Inner Mongolia Zhongtian Petrochemical Co-founder, Ordos, China


security turnstiles

▲Siemens, Tianjin, China


security turnstiles

▲Ansteel, Liaoning, China


security turnstiles

▲China Electronic Technology Group Corporation (CETC)


security turnstiles

▲Xi'an Industrial Park of FiberHomeTelecommunicationTechnologiesCo.,LTD.,Shaanxi, China


CMOLO's positioning is to focus on turnstile. We deeply dig the differences of different turnstile occasions, make it deep and thorough, and constantly upgrade and innovate. We always pay attention to the advanced technologies, andput forward more practical and intelligent solutions to the pain points of the occasion. The upgrade of turnstile application is not only a further improvement of our technological innovation, but also a more thorough understanding of the intelligent park and even more subdivided occasions. On the basis of more insight into market demand, we can provide customers and users with turnstiles and services better to meet their needs. At the same time, we look forward to creating a new situation of intelligent pedestrian access management by intelligent turnstiles, so as to make pedestrian access management more simple and efficient.



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