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The Security Level of the Full Height Turnstile Is Higher than Other Kinds of Turnstiles 2022-05-09



Yes, but how does it achieve?

Compared with other types of turnstiles, full height turnstiles are taller and can form a closed structure to block passage. They also have some characteristics that other types do not have. So they have achieved quite high security level.

How the full-height turnstile is done, see below~~



First, let's take a look at the classification of full-height turnstiles



full-height turnstile



① According to the number of channels: single-door full-height turnstile, double-door full-height turnstile, three-door full-height turnstile



full-height turnstile

Single-door full-height turnstile CPW-221A



full-height turnstile

Double-door full-height turnstile CPW-222A


 full-height turnstile

Three-door full-height turnstile CPW-223A



The functions of these are the same, except for the number of channels. You can choose the one according to the width of the site, the flow of people, etc.



② According to the control method: full-automatic full-height turnstile, semi-automatic full-height turnstile



full-height turnstile

Full-automatic system full-height turnstile CPW-221B



full-height turnstile

▲Semi-automatic full-height turnstile CPW-222B



The same model can be made fully automatic or semi-automatic. There are some differences in function between the two.



Types Full-automatic  Semi-automatic
Control method The rotation of the arm is controlled by the motor The rotation of the arm is controlled by the solenoid
Installation environment Generally used indoors. It is recommended to add shielding for outdoor use, and with the characteristics of IP65, high temperature resistance, cold resistance and so on. Can be used indoors and outdoors, with IP65, high temperature resistance, cold resistance
Closed-loop feedback control system

Intelligent monitoring of the movement status of the arm

Passing reminder function

After receives the legal pass signal, the arm will rotate a certain angle in the direction of opening to remind pedestrians to pass.


Other functions All the same



③According to the users: pedestrian full-height turnstile, pedestrian/cyclist shared full height turnstile


full-height turnstile

Pedestrian full-height turnstile CPW-221A



full-height turnstile

Pedestrian/cyclist shared full height turnstile CPW-251AB01



Pedestrian/cyclist shared full height turnstile is independently developed by CMOLO, which is rarely found on the market. It is a special full-height turnstile that allows pedestrians to pass along with bicycles, electric vehicles, and motorcycles. It is usually used at the outdoor gates of communities and factories.



④ According to the angle of the arm rotating: 120° full-height turnstile, 90° full-height turnstile



full-height turnstile

120° full-height turnstile CPW-221A

3 arms form 120° passage



full-height turnstile

90° full-height turnstile CPW-221B

4 arms form 90° passage




There is less space inside the 90° full height turnstile. The anti-tailing level is better than 120° ones.


Overcome many technical difficulties, and developed many advantages of full-height turnstiles



The core technology of the full-height turnstile is advanced, and the mechanism structure is also continuously optimized and upgraded, so that it always maintains high stability and long life.

Anti-tailgating: with mechanical anti-tailgating design, the full-height turnstile can effectively control the passage of one person at a time and effectively prevent the tailgating.


Anti-climbing: the structure is dynamic closed, thereby preventing pedestrians from climbing, illegal intrusion, which is not available in other turnstiles.


Anti-reverse passage: One direction receives a valid opening signal, but pedestrians enter the channel from the opposite direction and push the arms within the allowing time. It will be deemed to be the reverse. The arms of the direction are lock in order to prevent reversion.


Unattended: under the triple defense of "anti-tailing + anti-climbing + anti-reverse traffic", plus the closed structure to block traffic and the firmly stainless steel material not easy to damage, it achieved unattended.



full-height turnstile

Full-height turnstile CPW-221B



Precise positioning: the self-developed motor control & electromagnet control algorithm can achieve precise control and positioning of the arm.

Smooth and silent operation: The arm of the full-height turnstile is large and heavy. Driving such a heavy arm is a challenge to the mechanical structure. If the mechanical structure is not well designed, the arm is prone to shaking and loud noise during the operation, which will seriously affect the life of the movement. Our full-height turnstiles have a unique mechanical structure optimized to ensure smooth operation of the turnstiles, no shaking, quietness and longevity of the turnstile.


Automatically adjust the deviation of the central axis. We realize this function through the unique soft connection design, which breaks through the technical bottleneck of the industry. Most of the full-height turnstiles are installed outdoors. When the ground is not flat enough, the central axis will not be vertical, resulting in deviation. Even a small deviation will have a serious impact on the lifespan. In order to solve this problem, we have added a soft piston to the mechanism, which can automatically adjust the deviation of the central axis, thereby eliminating the influence of deviation and ensuring the long-term smooth operation of the whole machine.



 full-height turnstile

Double-door full-height turnstile CPW-222B



Anti-collision: the rotating arm will stop rotating within a specified time when it encounters obstacles during the homing process, which not only prevents pedestrians from being bumped, but also prevents damage to the mechanical structure. After the default time is exceeded, the rotating arm will return to its position again.


Open gate when power off: Adopt the advanced mechanical structure of CMOLO's original creation; the system will open arms automatically when power off or manually push the arms to be open so as to evacuate people, which meets the firefighting requirement.


Modular design: the full-height turnstile adopts a modular design, which is convenient for both assembly and maintenance.


High compatibility: compatible with various interfaces and various access controllers.


High degree integration: It can integrate a variety of supporting systems to help build a three-dimensional management system.



full-height turnstile

Full-height turnstile CPW-223A




Used indoors and outdoors, with strong environmental adaptability



The full height turnstile gate is made of stainless steel, which is more durable, not easy to deform, age, and to be damaged, can be used indoors and outdoors. The environmental adaptability is very strong.



full-height turnstile

Pedestrian/cyclist shared full height turnstile CPW-251AB01




Using occasions



Full-height turnstiles are mostly used in high confidentiality, anti-riot, and unattended occasions, such as residential areas, prisons, scenic spots, gymnasiums, factories, data centers, parking lots, etc.



01 Residential communities



Full-height turnstile CPW-221BS

Full-height turnstile CPW-221BS - Nanchang Vanke Castle Lake Community



Full-height turnstile CPW-221BS

Full-height turnstile CPW-221A - Nanchang Evergrande Royal Scenic Community



02 Gymnasiums



Full-height turnstile CPW-222BS

Full-height turnstile CPW-222BS - Port Harcourt Stadium, Nigeria



03 Factories



Full-height turnstile CPW-222BS

Full-height turnstile CPW-222BS - ShenZhen STS Microelectronics




Full-height turnstile CPW-222BS

Full-height turnstile CPW-222AS - the GR4 Project of  Sonatrach, Algeria



04 Shopping mall



 Full-height turnstile

Pedestrian/cyclist shared full-height turnstile CPW-251ABS01 - Malaysia IKEA



05 Parking lot



Full-height turnstile CPW-222BS

Full-height turnstile CPW-221AS - VINCOM Property Hotel, Vietnam




The security level of full-height turnstiles is higher than that of speed gate turnstiles, flap barrier turnstiles and tripod turnstiles. Today, science and technology are changing with each day, and market demands are constantly changing. Maybe one day there will be products that exceed the security level of full-height turnstiles. Compared with the intelligent unattended gate with AB double-door interlocking developed by CMOLO, its security level is comparable to that of full-height turnstiles, and even has some features that surpass full-height turnstiles.



In the future, we will continue to innovate. We will continue to upgrade our technology and develop better products to meet the changing needs of the market and offer good products & solutions.






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