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This Office Building Turnstile Can Not Only Manage Pedestrians but Also Detect Temperature 2021-08-17



How to manage pedestrian entrances and exits more efficiently in office buildings with people coming and going?


In addition to the current epidemic situation, the epidemic still needs to be managed on a regular basis, and the temperature measurement of the human body still needs to be maintained.

The number of pedestrians in the office building is very large during rush hours every day.

If manual management and manual temperature measurement are adopted, the workload will be large, the frequency of close contact between people also increases, and the probability of cross-infection also increases.

How to realize self-management of pedestrian entrances and exits and self-service temperature measurement at the same time?

Instead of manual management, a face temperature measurement turnstile can be used, with pedestrian management and temperature measurement management.

It can perform both identity identification of pedestrians and temperature measurement of human body.

To avoid close contact between temperature measurement personnel and pedestrians, avoid cross-infection, that is, protect the temperature testers and pedestrians.

At the same time, the turnstile can automatically record the passage information and body temperature information.

In order to perform statistical analysis, query and traceability, and realize digital management, assist the better and safer management of entrances and exits in building and epidemic control.



CMOLO Face Recognition Speed gate turnstile

▲CMOLO Face Recognition Speed gate turnstile 



CMOLO Face Recognition Speed gate turnstile

▲CMOLO Face Recognition & Temperature Detection Speed gate turnstile 



CMOLO's face detection temperature uses thermal imaging and body temperature screening, which initially detects the surface temperature of the human body through a thermal imager, which can quickly screen for abnormal temperature targets with high screening accuracy.


Non-contact verification and temperature measurement are hygienic and safe, replacing labor and reducing operating costs.

If abnormal body temperature is detected, the turnstile will announce real-time voice broadcast, prompting relevant personnel to take further action.

It can quickly lock the identities of persons with abnormal body temperature, and do a good job in pre-warning, in-event processing, and post-event tracking.

The mask can be accurately identified, and when a person without a mask is found, it will immediately take a picture and play a voice warning. Under the condition of wearing the mask correctly, the turnstile can open after the face recognition comparison is passed, and the accuracy rate is over 90%.

It can provide data interfaces to other health management platforms to realize the linkage management of health big data.



CMOLO's face temperature turnstile has advanced core technology.


Using CMOLO® patented passing detection algorithm and matrix photoelectric stereo detection technology, it can sensitively perceive the passing behavior in the passageway.

Equipped with advanced DSP+ARM motor control technology, combined with CMOLO's original motor control algorithm, it realizes precise control and positioning, and provides more guarantee for long-term stability of performance.

Self-developed advanced non-destructive mechanism structure, the mechanism and its control system have passed 10 million life tests, and the stability is very high.

The safety is very high. The triple combination of infrared anti-pinch & mechanical anti-pinch & current detection anti-collision play a very good anti-pinch effect and effectively protects the safety of pedestrians.

With over-force feedback control design, the turnstile gate can be slowly pushed when it is subjected to an instantaneous impact force beyond the safety range, reducing the impact force of the mechanism and the opposite force on pedestrian, effectively protecting the mechanism and pedestrians.



At present, CMOLO’s office building turnstiles have been used in many places to guard the entrances and exits of various office buildings. We will also continue to consolidate and innovate, combine market demand and emerging technologies, and provide customers with turnstile products and services that meet their needs and have competitive advantages.



CMOLO Face Recognition Speed gate turnstile

Face recognition speed gate turnstile installed at China Aerospace Science and Technology Group 



CMOLO Face Recognition Speed gate turnstile

Face recognition speed gate turnstile installed at Sinopec Jianghan Petroleum Corporation



CMOLO Face Recognition Speed gate turnstile

Face recognition speed gate turnstile installed at Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park



CMOLO Face Recognition Speed gate turnstile

Face recognition speed gate turnstile installed at Guangzhou Newspaper Culture Center




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