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Vanke Group, China


Vanke Group, signed long-term strategic cooperation agreement with CMOLO in 2012. CMOLO offer full height turnstile, tripod turnstile, speed gate turrnstile, turnstile barrier to their residence communities, business buildings nationwide, such as Vanke City,Jinyu Huafu,Vanke Park,Vanke Eco-city, 769 Cultural and Creative Park,Vanke Castle Lake, Shiyi District,Gong Yuan Li,Red Shire Housing Estate,The Vanke Amusement Park,etc.


Turnstile Type: Full Height Turnstile, Tripod Turnstile, Speed Gate Turrnstile, Turnstile Barrier

Turnstile Model: Customized

Installation Time: 2012 to present

Application Occasion: Residence Community, Office Building


Automatic Speed Gate Turrnstile

Speed Gate Turrnstile


Speed Gate Turrnstile System

Speed Gate Turrnstile


outdoor turnstile barrier door

Turnstile Barrier


tripod turnstile door

Tripod Turnstile


full height turnstile

Full Height Turnstile


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