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Various CMOLO Speed Gate Turnstile Families, Very Popular Around the World 2022-03-28



Please learn about CMOLO’s speed gate turnstile families firstly


ticketing speed gate turnstile



① Divided by use environment: indoor speed gate turnstile, outdoor speed gate turnstile


swing gate turnstile

▲Indoor artificial stone high-end speed gate turnstile CPW-162Y   



swing gate turnstile         

Outdoor pedestrian & vehicle shared anti-collision speed gate turnstile IPW-PM1005



② Divided by shapes: bridge-type speed gate turnstile, cylinder speed gate turnstile


   ticketing machine

▲ Bridge-type metro speed gate turnstile auto ticketing machine RPW-101         



 ticketing machine            

Cylinder speed gate turnstile CPW-321AS



③ Divided by the quantity of barriers: single door speed gate turnstile, double door speed gate turnstile


 Swing gate turnstile

Face recognition single door speed gate turnstile CPW-160Y         



 Face recognition         

Face recognition double door inter-locking speed gate turnstile CPW-143Y



④ Divided by figure: slim speed gate turnstile, modest speed gate turnstile, slightly fat speed gate turnstile



 speed gate turnstile

Slim speed gate turnstile CPW-900ETS01     


 speed gate turnstile

▲ Modest speed gate turnstile CPW-159Y       



 speed gate turnstile outdoor 

▲ Slightly fat speed gate turnstile IPW-PM1016



⑤ Divided by height: high door speed gate turnstile, low door speed gate turnstile



  high panel gate

▲ High door speed gate turnstile CPW-135Y



high panel gate                                                                            

▲ Low door speed gate turnstile CPW-322CS



CMOLO's speed gate turnstile family can be summed up in one word "various", with very high adaptability, and at the same time, they also coexist with both appearance and strength. With us, you can definitely find out satisfactory speed gate turnstiles.



As long as the application scenes are on the earth, our speed gate turnstiles can be used.



Office buildings, government offices, airports, subway stations, high-speed rail stations, factories, communities, scenic spots, schools, hospitals, gyms, museums, libraries, gyms, cinemas, restaurants......

No matter what the application scene is, we have so many kinds of speed gate turnstiles, they have their own unique functions and features, and it is no problem to match different scenes.



The internal features of the speed gate turnstile - hardcore core algorithm

The core algorithm of our speed gate turnstile includes logic analysis system, behavior recognition, person / object recognition, distance recognition, etc.

It can accurately and quickly identify pedestrians / objects and behaviors in the passage, effectively protect the safety of pedestrians and manage pedestrian access control for each scene.



After years of practice, speed gate turnstiles have their own superior performance.



With infrared, mechanical, current detection triple anti-pinch, very high safety

Adopting the lossless mechanism structure design, the bridge-type speed gate turnstile operates more than 10 million times without failure, with higher stability and longer life.

It has the characteristics of high frequency use to meet the use of high traffic

Modular design can shorten production cycle and improve maintenance efficiency

High compatibility reserved multiple interfaces; high integration, can integrate a variety of supporting systems

In addition, the outdoor turnstile also has the characteristics of outdoor use.

IP65, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, condensation resistance, high environmental weather resistance

In addition, some special models, in addition to the above superior performance, also have their own unique advantages, for example:

Anti-collision outdoor speed gate turnstile: withstand frequent violently hitting gate; pedestrian pass together with bicycles and motorcycles.

Double-door speed gate turnstile: with AB double-door interlocking technology, the anti-tailgating performance of turnstile is much higher than that of single-door speed gate turnstile, and even unattended.

Subway speed gate turnstile: with mechanical power-off and automatic opening, greatly improving security level.


Since it is available on the earth, then, of course, it can be seen in many places.



Let’s have a look at several cases from CMOLO:



▼Guangdong traffic building, China – face recognition speed gate turnstile CPW-107Y

  face recognition speed gate turnstile



▼Shenzhen airport, China –  CPW-322DST

 self-service verification speed gate turnstile



▼Beijing Tongzhou Sub-civic Center, China – card-swiping speed gate turnstile CPW-322DS

 speed gate



▼China Aerospace Science and Technology Group – face recognition speed gate turnstile CPW-153Y

 face recognition speed gate turnstile



▼Xi’an Vanke Jin yu Community – Butterfly shaped speed gate turnstile CPW-900EVS02

 face recognition speed gate turnstile



▼Beijing Zhongxin Guo An Fu Residence Community – outdoor speed gate turnstile IPW-PM1000

 face recognition speed gate turnstile



▼Shenzhen Garden Expo Park – face recognition speed gate turnstile CPW-133Y

face recognition speed gate turnstile



▼Liaoning Anshan Steel plant – face recognition outdoor speed gate turnstile IPW-PM1000

 ace recognition outdoor speed gate turnstile



▼Malaysia IKEA – access control speed gate turnstile CPW-322ES

 face recognition outdoor speed gate turnstile



▼Canada Raven’s gym – ticketing speed gate turnstile CPW-322BS

 ticketing speed gate turnstile




Have such beautiful and hardcore speed gate products captured your heart? Warmly welcome you to contact with us to learn more information.






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