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What kind of production technology can achieve extraordinary turnstile quality? 2020-10-26


The production process of the product is mostly invisible to people, and it may not be the focus of everyone's attention. However, the product texture, touch, streamline, splicing, angle, etc. that everyone is concerned about are the presentation of the process effect.


The production technology of turnstiles is of great concern to us. A good product cannot do without good production technology. We make every product carefully and strictly to present outstanding craft effects. First, we formulate very strict production process standards, and then forge various parts in one layer after another, and then let skilled craftsmen assemble each part to finally present excellent quality turnstile.


Let us talk about some key processes in the production process of turnstiles, and some users can directly see the processes that show the effect.


The cabinet is equivalent to the "skin" of the turnstile and needs to show a "smooth and delicate" effect


From a piece of stainless steelplate to a cabinet, multiple processes are required.


First, the stainless steel plate is cut by laser. The laser cutting speed is fast, which can improve the production efficiency; the cutting quality is good, the thermal effect is small, and the steel will not easily be deformed; the cutting accuracy is very high, which provides more guarantee for the assembly of the whole machine.



outdoor turnstile


Laser cutting stainless steel plate


Secondly, according to the needs of different parts of the product, flexible welding methods are adopted. For example, the connection of the stainless steel plate on the exterior surface of the cabinet is fully welded, the weld seam is uniform and smooth, the effect after welding is very beautiful, and there will be no deformation, cracks, and virtual welding etc. The connection strength of the weld assembly is high, and there will be no fracture problem. After full welding, the cabinet has better leakproofness performance and stronger waterproof and dustproof capabilities.


outdoor turnstile


Full laser welding


Thirdly, automatic polishing: The weld marks on the exterior of the cabinet are polished and then brushed. After brushing, the surface of the cabinet has uniform thickness, and the surface is bright and clean, and the texture is very good no matter it is viewed from a far or close distance. In addition to wire drawing, the surface treatment process of the cabinet can also be customized for polishing, baking finish, electroplating and coloring according to project requirements.


outdoor turnstile


Cabinet edge polishing


outdoor turnstile


Cabinet brushing


Finally, the edges of the cabinet and accessories are rounded, and the sheet metal parts that are easier to touch inside the cabinet are also treated with round corners to avoid scratches.

The mechanism is the heart of the turnstile, and precision is the prerequisite to ensure "healthy heart".


The parts of the mechanism are processed by CNC machine, and the precision level machining accuracy is used to ensure the processing accuracy of the mechanism parts, thereby ensuring the performance, stability and long life of the mechanism. In addition to the parts of the mechanism are made of stainless steel, the other uses anti-oxidation processing techniques such as nickel plating to enhance the abrasive resistance and corrosion resistance of the parts.


outdoor turnstile

Mechanism accessories CNC machining


outdoor turnstile

Accuracy testing of mechanism parts



The electrical partsare equivalent to the "brain" and "tendon", giving commands to the "body".


The main control board is the "brain" of the turnstile, which controls the overall operation of the turnstile. The main control board adopts DSP, ARM and other integrated chips, and adopting SMT automatic SMT technology to ensure that the produced control board is of good quality, complete functions and stable performance.


outdoor turnstile

Circuit board function test


The electrical wiring is like the "tendon" of the turnstile, which conveys signals to the "whole body" of the turnstile. The wire is stripped and crimped by a fully automatic terminal machine, with fast speed, high precision, and the wire is not easy to fall off, avoiding the interruption of the transmission signal. All wires are attached with clear and firm line marks to quickly distinguish the function of each wire. Wires are used to connect the electrical accessories in the cabinets, and the wiring channels are used to route them. A reasonable and orderly wiring plan is made for their wiring and distribution positions to facilitate installation and maintenance.


outdoor turnstile

                                                                ▲Terminal machine stripping & grooving


outdoor turnstile



outdoor turnstile

                                                                    ▲Wire mark


Assemble all parts to be one whole turnstile


Assemble the cabinet part, the mechanism part, the electrical part, and other integrated equipments to form a complete machine. Whether the turnstiles are assembled well or not, the key factors are whether the technicians are operating in a standard manner or not, whether they have rich operating experience, and whether the assembly tools are complete. The effect of assembly directly affects the aesthetics of the whole machine, and even the service life, performance and stability of the turnstile. Our techniciansareskilled with more than 3 years of assembly experience, to ensure the high quality of assembly.


outdoor turnstile

                                                      ▲Complete assembly of the whole turnstile


After being assembled into a complete machine, the effect seen from the outside is like this:

In order to reduce the splicing gap, we adopt the sheet metal processing technology of grooving and then bending. In this way, the R angle can be made smaller, the bending will be closer to the right angle, and the splicing gap will be smaller. The smaller the gap, the more beautiful and textured the whole machine.

The splicing gap between the stainless steel plate and the stainless steel plate is less than 1.0mm, and in some places, it is even controlled to 0.5mm, and the gap is uniform. The smaller the gap, the more delicate and beautiful the splicing texture is. The splicing gap between the card-swiping panel, infrared baffle panel, indicator panel and stainless steel panel is uniform and less than 0.4mm, which is completely invisible to the naked eye. The flatness of the various boards is very high after splicing, and there will be no unevenness.


outdoor turnstile

                                                             ▲Gap detection


outdoor turnstile

                                                              ▲Flatness test


The finished turnstiles that have been assembled and formed through layers of processes are impeccable in terms of texture, sense of touch, streamlines and beauty.


outdoor turnstile


Good craftsmanship requires time polishing and experience accumulation. CMOLO's turnstile technology has experienced 13 years of refinement. We have been focusing on turnstiles, putting all our enthusiasm and energy on turnstiles, hoping to use our rich experience and superb skills to forge excellent turnstile to help to build beautiful, efficient and safe intelligent pedestrian entrances in various scenes management.



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