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When the sandstorm comes, did your turnstiles "eat dirt"? 2021-04-28


Some time ago, many cities in the north were hit by two external sandstorms. Affected by sandstorms, cities have become "yellow", and people "eat dirt" when they go out. People are not the only ones who eat dirt; there are also all kinds of things with gaps. For example, those turnstiles with large gaps also directly "eat the dirt".




What are the "uncomfortable" reactions to the "eat dirt" turnstile?


"Dirt" enters the inside of the cabinet and will be attached to the surface of the parts inside the cabinet.

The dust accumulates so much which will cause many adverse reactions to the turnstile.

The heat dissipation of the circuit board will be affected, causing heat or even burnout.

The mechanism will not run smoothly or even stop working due to dust.

The turnstile may not open smoothly or even fail to open and close,

The infrared sensor may fail to detect,

The circuit may be in poor contact and lead to poor signal reception...

When these problems occur, the turnstile will not work properly.



How to avoid "eating dirt" by turnstiles?


Key indicator: IP65

How to achieve IP65? The key point is that the leakage is very good.

CMOLO guarantees the leakage of the turnstile from two aspects: structural design and craft accuracy.

In terms of structural design, we try to minimize the assembly design, thereby reducing the gap, adding a dust cover to block the components from dust.

In terms of craft accuracy, we have designed strict standards to achieve good leakage performance. The smaller the splice gap, the better the leakage performance.

The card-swiping panel, infrared barrier, indicator light board and stainless steel plate are almost seamlessly spliced, and no gaps can be seen with the naked eye;

For the splicing between two sheet metals, the gap is less than 1.0mm, and in some places, it is even controlled to 0.5mm, and the gap is uniform.



What "IP65" turnstiles does CMOLO have?


Even if you don't have to face sandstorms, the turnstiles used outdoors must have sufficient waterproof and dustproof capabilities, especially in areas with very dusty areas.


Our outdoor speed gate turnstile series, tripod turnstile series, and full height turnstile series are all specially designed for outdoor use. They all have IP65 characteristics and have very good dust and water resistance. In dusty areas and even sandstorms, both can achieve a very good dust-proof effect, so as to ensure the normal operation of the turnstile and maintain the normal pedestrian management of the application.


Outdoor speed gate turnstile

Outdoor speed gate turnstile


Tripod turnstile

Tripod turnstile

 Full Height turnstile

Full Height turnstile


Where are CMOLO "IP65" turnstiles used?


In the northern regions affected by external sandstorms, many outdoor turnstiles of CMOLO are also used, but we have not received feedback from those regions about the bad effects of sandstorms on the turnstiles. This just shows that our outdoor turnstiles have withstood these two sandstorms very well, which proves that our turnstiles have very strong dustproof ability.


Face recognition outdoor speed gate turnstile

Face recognition outdoor speed gate turnstile installed at Party School of the Central Committee of CPC, Beijing


Outdoor speed gate turnstile

Outdoor speed gate turnstile installed at Zhongtian Petrochemical Co-founder, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China


Outdoor speed gate turnstile

Outdoor speed gate turnstile installed at Dushanzi Petrochemical Company, Xinjiang, China


Outdoor speed gate turnstile

Outdoor speed gate turnstile installed at Baotou Steel Factory, Inner Mongolia, China


Tripod turnstile

Tripod turnstile installed at BMW Brillance Factory, Shenyang, China


 Outdoor speed gate turnstile

Outdoor speed gate turnstile installed at Beijing Zhongxin Guoanfu Community, China



For outdoor use turnstiles, meeting IP65 is the most important thing. CMOLO not only pays attention to waterproof and dustproof abilities on turnstiles, but also pays attention to other outdoor environmental factors, such as ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, condensation caused by temperature difference, and sunlight interference, etc. We have been constantly studying the influence of outdoor environment on the use of turnstiles, and constantly enhancing the environmental weather resistance of turnstiles to better meet the needs of outdoor use.





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