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When the temperature difference is large, the enemy "condensation" of the turnstile will also appear 2021-05-10


Summer begins, and it is getting hotter, but the temperature in many areas still changes greatly in the morning and evening. In areas with large temperature differences, the turnstiles and people are also undergoing this change, and special protection is needed to prevent them from getting sick.


Under the change of temperature between day and night, the "enemy" will come silently. If no protective measures are taken, the "condensation" will attack the turnstile.


Let's take a look at the appearance of the "enemy" condensation. When the temperature difference is large, condensation will be formed inside and outside the cabinet.




What kind of harm will the condensation produce to the turnstile?


1. It is easy to cause short circuit of electrical components;

2. If it is corrosive condensation, it may also corrode various parts of the turnstile and affect the stability and service life of the turnstile.



How does CMOLO do to avoid condensation?


CMOLO will improve the anti-condensation ability of the turnstile, thereby enhancing the environmental weather resistance of the turnstile.


1. The intelligent temperature control design is adopted to set the upper and lower temperature limits. When the temperature in the cabinet is lower than the lower limit or higher than the upper limit, the thermostat will automatically heat to keep the temperature inside the cabinet within the limited range. The inside of the turnstile will not form condensation due to the excessive temperature difference, so as to protect the internal parts of the cabinet.


2. Condensation is easy to form under a non-corrosive environment, choose one of the two methods for parts that are easily affected by condensation, such as the mechanism and electrical parts: do protective cover treatment, or do anti-corrosion coating treatment for mechanism parts, do triple anti-painting treatment for the electrical parts.


3. The fan system is installed to improve the air circulation inside the cabinet, thereby reducing the probability of condensation.


4. In a highly corrosive environment where condensation is easy to form, in addition to the above three treatment methods, the overall material of the cabinet is made of 316 grade stainless steel.



According to the environmental requirements of the application, CMOLO has customized anti-condensation turnstiles for many customers, including Ansteel Group, Bayuquan Iron and Steel Factory, Guizhou Dushan Smart Scenic Area, etc.


face recognition turnstile

▲Ansteel Group – face recognition turnstile


outdoor face recognition turnstile

▲Bayuquan Iron and Steel Factory - face recognition turnstile



In different regions, the climate is different, so in addition to paying attention to the temperature difference between day and night, we also pay attention to climatic factors such as severe cold and heat, wind, sand, rain and snow, sunlight, etc., to study the impact of these factors on the use of turnstiles, and formulate solutions based on local conditions to improve the environmental weather resistance of turnstiles, such as anti-condensation resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, waterproof and dustproof resistance, etc., so as to provide customers with better adaption to climate change, and help customers create better pedestrian access management.




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