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Why are CMOLO turnstiles favored by government agencies? 2020-05-18


Have you encountered the following problems in the access management of government agencies? If so, please tick in your heart~~


CMOLO and well-known enterprises at home and abroad to build intelligent parks


—— We have installed turnstiles —— —— We have not installed turnstiles ——
  • The turnstiles suddenly break down today, and someone will come to inspect tomorrow.

  • The turnstiles broke down twice this month and I was scolded again.

  • When it rains, I'm particularly worried about the turnstiles going wrong.

  • When going to/from work, the turnstile suddenly breaks down, it didn’t open and everyone was blocked.
  • Other agencieshave installed entrance turnstiles, while we have not installed, very envy ~~

  • Although the security guards’ eyes were so keen that they could see all the people passing by, they could not remember them all.

  • Visitors need to register by hand and the information is entered into the system manually.
  • If you haven't chosen any of them, congratulations, you've chosen the right turnstile.

  • If you choose 1~2, it means that your turnstile’s quality is just fine.

  • If you choose more than three, you should consider changing the turnstiles.
  • Should you consider installing turnstiles?


What kind of turnstiles do government agencies usually use?


Let's take a look at what turnstiles these government agencies are using.


Government agencies are usually very strict on the option of turnstiles, such as quality, user experience, application requirements, appearance, etc.. The following places have chosen CMOLO turnstiles.


security turnstiles

▲Beijing Admiralty Community, China

In December 2017, CMOLO outdoor turnstile was successfully installed at the entrance of Beijing Admiralty Community. The IP level of the turnstile is IP65, and it has strong resistant to high & low temperature, meeting the requirements of outdoor environment with strong wind, rain, sun.


security turnstiles

▲Tongzhou Sub-civic Center, Beijing, China


In November 2018, CMOLO indoor turnstile was installed in the office building’s lobby of Tongzhou Sub-civic Center in Beijing. It was identified by swiping cards to help the center establish an automated pedestrian access management system.


security turnstiles

▲Guangdong Traffic building


In December 2019, CMOLO face recognition turnstile was installed in the Guangdong traffic building for staff and visitor management. The face recognition not only improves the security level of management, but also brings great convenience to users.


security turnstiles

▲Shanxi Provincial Government Offices Administration


In December 2019, the entrance of Shanxi Provincial Government Offices Administration began to use CMOLO face recognition outdoor turnstile to manage the access of internal personnel and visitors, greatly improving the access management efficiency.


The turnstiles mentioned above are mainly speed gate turnstiles.According to their specific needs, they choose the turnstile to meet the requirements, choose the appropriate verification methods (face recognition, card swiping, QR code scanning, etc.) and integrate the appropriate management system (access control, time attendance, visitors, etc.), helping the agencies with intelligent and efficient pedestrian access management.


Why do these government agencies choose these turnstiles?

security turnstiles


The MTBF of common turnstiles is generally 3 ~5 million times, while that of CMOLO is 10 million times, which is 1~2 times higher than that of common turnstiles.

CE certificate is a necessary "passport" to enter the European market. Europe has very high requirements for product quality, so the certificate standards are also very high.

Type inspection by the ministry of public security is the basic standard in the industry. Some turnstiles in this industrydo not have this certificate, while CMOLO turnstilesare developed and manufactured far above this standard.


security turnstiles


A satisfactory turnstile will give you a more comfortable pedestrian management


Collect the passing information of employees and visitors, and connect other management systems to facilitate three-dimensional management.

Turnstile can work very well at day and night, hot and cold temperature, wind and rain. You do notneed to worry about it.

Turnstile can be on duty 24 hours, helping you manage every pedestrian.


After the turnstile replaces the labor, the entrance access management can be more efficient, safe and intelligent.



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