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Why the core technology of CMOLO turnstile is so strong? 2020-10-12


CMOLO has always focused on one product --- turnstile, trying our best to make it well, refined and deeply. We continue to update our own technology and timely integrate relevant industry technologies. Only when the technology goes ahead can we maintain our dominant position and competitiveness to provide users with better turnstiles, and create more benefits for users.


For different application scenes, CMOLO develops the corresponding technology of turnstile scenes


Turnstiles are often used in airports, subway stations, high-speed rail stations, office buildings, governments, communities, scenic spots, factories, schools, hospitals, recreation and entertainment venues and other scenes. Turnstiles in different scenes have different application characteristics. Functionsare also different. In addition to studying the technology of turnstiles that are commonly used in various scenes, we also study the special technologies needed for turnstiles in different scenes to meet the differentiated needs of each scene, thus forming our unique advantages.


face recognition turnstile


Successfully apply technology to the turnstiles


CMOLO's turnstiles cover all categories, including five types of speed gate turnstiles, flap barrier turnstiles, optical turnstile gates, tripod turnstiles, and full-height turnstiles, which can meet the use of all scenes and help various scenes to achieve more efficient, safer and more intelligent pedestrian access management. From different turnstile products, you can see different special technologies.

CMOLO turnstile core technology


What are the core technologies of CMOLO's turnstiles?


  1. CMOLO® patented core algorithm: independently developed by CMOLO, is the "brain" of the turnstile, the core of the core, and directs the actions of all components, including logic analysis, person/object recognition, behavior recognition, and distance recognition.
  2. Triple anti-pinch technologies: photoelectric stereo, mechanical, electric current. Triple anti-pinch can more sensitively and accurately detect the passing status of pedestrians, and better ensure the safety of pedestrians. This technology has been successfully applied to three types of turnstiles: speed gate turnstile,flap barrier turnstile, and optical turnstile gate, making them more secure.
  3. DSP+ARM motor control technology: this technology is used to control DC brushless motor. It includes CMOLO's original motor control algorithm, which can achieve precise control and positioning of the blocking body.
  4. Non-destructive mechanism structure design technology: The mechanism adopts a DC brushless motor, which can effectively reduce the friction loss during the operation of the motor and ensure that the mechanism has a longer service life. What's even more powerful is that our mechanism has passed 10 million trouble-free operation tests, and other ordinary turnstiles in the industry have only 3 to 5 million times, which is 1 to 2 times higher than ordinary turnstiles.   


                                                                                          CMOLO turnstile core technology

                                                                                                                       10 million trouble-free operation tests


5. The anti-overload and anti-impact technology: it provides more guarantee for the high stability and high frequency use of the turnstile. This technology is particularly important in turnstiles in high-traffic scenes such as subways, high-speed rails, customs, wharfs, and large factories.



                                                                                          outdoor flap barrier

                                                                                                      ▲ Ningbo Wharf-Face Recognition Outdoor Flap barrier turnstile



                                                                                          outdoor flap barrier

                                                                                                      ▲ Hong Kong Star Ferry Pier-flap barrier turnstile with ticketing system


Flap barrier turnstile with folding flap technology: It adopts a combined double crank connecting rod structure design, can ensure the smoothness of the mechanism speed curve and acceleration curve, so as to realize the smoothness, agility and low noise of the mechanism during operation. While ensuring the fluency, it also guarantees the speed of mechanism, thus it guarantees the high-efficiency passing in the use of high traffic. The advantages of using folding flaps are that it can reduce the width of the cabinet and realize the "slimness" of the flap barrier turnstile to reduce the space occupied; the second is that it can increase the width of the passage and be used as a passage for people with strollers, luggage, wheelchairs, etc. At present, folding flap barrier turnstiles are mainly used in transportation stations such as subway stations, bus stations, railway stations and airports.


                                                                                          outdoor flap barrier

                                                                                                      ▲ CMOLO Smart Soft Flap barrier turnstile CPW-213Y & 214Y


7. Mechanical power-off automatic door opening technology: CMOLO's original advanced technology. Under the case of power failure, no UPS is required, and the power-off opening is realized through a pure mechanical structure, which greatly improves the fire safety level of the turnstile. Rarely people are able to do this technology.


8. The anti-shaking technology of the barrier: It reduces the vibration and deformation of the barrier during operation by optimizing the fixed structure of the barrier and improving the parts accuracy of the mechanism module, thereby reducing the degree of damage to the mechanism. In particular, the wide and high barriers need to be anti-shaking in order to maintain a longer life of the turnstile.


9. The technology of anti-violent impacting on swing gate: It effectively absorbs the impact force through self-buffering and repair, thereby protecting the swing gate and the mechanism. This technology is mainly used in anti-violent impact outdoor speed gate turnstile, used in scenes with non-motorized vehicles, such as factories where peoplecommute to get off work by motorcycles and bicycles. In this kind of use, the turnstile will inevitably be hit. Without this technology, the mechanism may be quickly damaged, affecting the normal use of the turnstile. The technology of anti-violent impacting on swing gatedeveloped by us, even if the turnstile is strongly hit, the mechanism will not be damaged and can still work normally.


10. Wide channel & high barrier technology: it optimizes the structure of the mechanism, the load is larger to burden wide, high and heavy barrier, for example, it can achieve a 2-meter lane width and a 1.8-meter high barrier to meet those pedestrian who carry strollers, wheelchairs, large luggage, trolleys, bicycles, and to prevent pedestrians from jumping and creeping the turnstile.


                                                                                          outdoor stainless steel turnstile


11. Over-force feedback control technology with speed gate turnstile: It is a special technology to enhance the safety of turnstiles, many ordinary turnstiles do not have. Based on this technology, the swing gate can withstand the impact force within a safe range when the gate is locked. When the safety range is exceeded, the swing gate can be pushed slowly, which can well protect the mechanism and pedestrians.


12. Industrial design technology: good-looking appearance will make people pleasing. In addition to achieving this goal, our appearance design will also take practicability, user experience and production feasibility into account. We pay attention to the external design,also pay attention to the interior design. We still carefully design where you can't see, and make the interior neat and orderly.


                                                                                          CMOLO speed gate turnstile


There are more than a dozen technologies listed above, but these are only part of CMOLO's turnstile technologies, and hereby all CMOLO's technologies cannot be well contained in this article. For technology research and development, our strategy is: deepen and optimize the existing technologies, and continue to develop new technologies, so as to provide users with technologically advanced turnstile products that meet application needs, and better assist the management and construction of pedestrian access in various scenes.


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