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Wide Passageway Flap barrier Turnstile Technology


Normal passageway turnstile gates can only allow pedestrians with small trolley, luggage, baby-carriage, etc. to pass through. But it shuts out bigger baby-carriage, wheelchair, luggage, transporting carts. Then the wide passageway turnstile gates are needed.



Why the Passage Width of Flap barrier Turnstile is Restricted?


Widen the wing panel could increase the passage width easily. However if the passage width is too large, the following problems are prone to occur:


1. The turnstile house will be widened accordingly, which will occupy more space and looks ugly.


2. The control of the flap barriers will become difficult when they get oversized. The risk of hitting and injuring pedestrians also increases.


3. The weight of the flap barrier increased, as well as their rotational inertia. The motor control becomes more difficult, which will result in slow rotation, unsmooth rotating, etc. Moreover, the stress distribution of the mechanism is seriously unbalanced, affecting the service life of the mechanism.



How Does CMOLO Solve the Problem?


CMOLO wide flap barrier turnstiles adopt folded PU soft-wing structure design. It does not increase the width of the house while increasing the passage width and not changing the product appearance.



How Does the Wide Passageway Flap barrier Turnstile Work?


Using CMOLO independently developed flap barrier control software, the wide passage flap barrier turnstile has good safety performance. The combination of current detection anti-pinching and infrared anti-pinching prevents pedestrians from being pinched.


It adopts fire-resistant PU soft wing design. The PU soft wing uses metal material as the skeleton, and the fire-resistant PU is wrapped in the outer layer of the metal skeleton. Compared with the hard wing, the soft wing has less pain even if it clamps the pedestrian, which will not cause too much harm to the pedestrian and provide more security for pedestrians.


The combined double crank connecting rod structure design is used to ensure smooth, agile and low noise during the movement.


The core parts of the mechanism are processed by CNC machine tools with high accuracy. The mechanism module uses bearings to reduce the friction during the movement and ensure the accuracy of the rotation. The mechanism is the core part of turnstiles. If the accuracy is not high, it will easily cause the mechanism to be loose, noise exceeded, and the mechanism shakes. 


The mechanism has a well-balanced structure. It adopts high-quality DC brushless motors and high-performance reducers. It has a strong load capacity and stable operation, which provides more guarantee for the stability and service life of the flap barrier turnstile.


With precise positioning encoder, the turnstile can be 360° positioning and the control accuracy can be up to 0.25°.


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