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Wide Passageway Speed Gate Turnstile Technology


The limitation of the passageway width has always been an important limiting factor for the application of turnstile gates. Normal passageway turnstile gates can only allow pedestrians with small trolley, luggage, wheelchair, baby-carriage, etc. to pass through. But it shuts out bigger transporting carts, then the wide passageway turnstile gates are needed.



Why the Width of Traditional Turnstile's Passage is Restricted?


After comparing the blocking structure of different turnstiles, CMOLO found that speed gate turnstile has the bigger adjustment range and it's also the easier one to be designed with wide passageway. By simply enlarging the horizontal size of the speed gate will you get a wide passageway. However, if the passageway is too wide, the following problems will occur:


The width of the passageway and the length of the turnstile's housings will also have to increase, making the turnstile take up more space and less pleasing to the eye;


The weight of the gate will increase, as well as their rotational inertia. It makes the motor control very difficult, which will result in abnormal phenomenon of the gates, such as slow, unsmooth rotating, trembling, not aligning properly, etc. Moreover, the distribution of the stress of the mechanism will be severely unbalanced, which will shorten the lifespan of the mechanism;


The control of the speed gates will become difficult when they get oversized. The risk of hitting and injuring pedestrians also increases.



How CMOLO Solve the Problem?


CMOLO uses outdoor turnstile to design wide passageway and re-design the structure of the outdoor turnstile mechanism. Adopt with high-quality DC brushless motor, high-performance reducer and precise positioning encoder, optimizing system control and anti-clipping design, so as to receive the accurate control and rapid response for wide passage barrier.



How Does the Wide Passageway Turnstile Work?


CMOLO mechanism structure for wide passageway turnstile is compact and can load the weight of barriers up to 10KG, meanwhile the lifespan of mechanism could be longer.


CMOLO elastic stainless steel barriers can strengthen tensile stress of mechanism and withstand frequent violence crashing. In a limited range, the barriers can withstand 200KGf crashing force.


Adopt high-quality DC brushless motor and high-performance reducer, the barriers can load more. The size for stainless steel barrier can be 1000L*1500H (Unit: mm, L and H can’t be the maximum at the same time). Providing more guarantee for the stability and service lifespan of speed gate turnstile.


With precise positioning encoder, the turnstile can be 360° positioning and the control accuracy can be up to 0.25°.


With the “CMOLO bridge speed gate turnstile control software”, the wide passageway turnstile has the excellent security performance. Combining current detection anti-clamping and Infrared anti-clamping, so as to protect pedestrians from being pinched.


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