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With 15 Years Core Competitiveness of Security Turnstiles, What Can CMOLO Bring to You? 2022-06-27



How to obtain a strong core competitiveness of security turnstiles?



CMOLO has always been focusing on security turnstiles, grasp the market trend deeply, and constantly consummate technology, continue to innovate products, and improve the performance of security turnstiles. The power of focus and innovation has enabled CMOLO to gain a strong core competitiveness of security turnstiles.



security turnstiles



What Security turnstile Core Competitiveness CMOLO has?



01 Many types



Different scenarios require different security turnstiles. CMOLO has many types of security turnstiles including "speed gate turnstile, flap barrier turnstiles, tripod turnstiles, full-height turnstiles, and optical turnstile gates" to meet the functions required for various scenarios. In CMOLO, you can quickly and accurately select the security turnstile products that meet your needs.



security turnstiles



02 Advanced core logic algorithm



CMOLO continues to develop independently and owns advanced core logic algorithms. The security turnstile is equipped with advanced servo control system and DSP+ARM motor control technology, which can realize precise and efficient control of all actions and ensure the high performance.



security turnstiles

Speed Gate Turnstile·Ambilight CPW-134Y



03 Advanced mechanism structure, high stability and long life



CMOLO has independently developed a non-destructive modular mechanism structure and adopts a full CNC machining process to ensure the precision, strength and concentricity of the mechanism, so as to ensure the reliable operation of the movement performance, stability and enhance the life of the mechanism. At present, 90% of CMOLO's mechanisms and their control systems have passed 10 million lifetime tests.



security turnstiles

▲Pedestrian/Cyclist Shared Outdoor Speed Gate Turnstile IPW-PM1005



04 High safety, comprehensive protection of pedestrian’s safety



The triple anti-clamp of "infrared anti-clamp + mechanical anti-clamp + current detection anti-collision" is designed for the security turnstiles, and combined with the CMOLO® patented traffic detection algorithm and matrix photoelectric stereo detection technology, the security turnstile has a very high safety and can be comprehensive protection of pedestrian’s safety.



05 Attractive appearance and high-quality texture



Taking "technology combined with art" as the starting point to design turnstiles, let customers not only get the functionality of the product, but also get the feeling of art beauty.



security turnstiles

▲Two-tone painted speed gate turnstile CPW-168HS



06 Modular design, easy maintenance



The modular design facilitates quick maintenance, improves maintenance efficiency, and reduces maintenance workload and operating costs.



07 Personalized Customization



In most cases, only customized turnstiles can meet project needs. CMOLO has 15 years of customization experience as support, and customizes personalized security turnstile products and solutions. Customization is our main competitivities.



security turnstiles

Double-gate Face Recognition Interlocking Outdoor Turnstile CPW-161Y



What can CMOLO's security turnstiles core competitiveness bring to customers?



Our security turnstiles have the advantages of complete categories, advanced nature, stability, long life, safety, aesthetics, customization, and easy maintenance, which can bring many benefits to customers.

→In the project competition, the superior products have more competitive advantages.

→Better solve project requirements and application pain points.

→Safer, firstly to better ensure the safety of users, and secondly to better improve the management level of pedestrian entrances and exits.

→More stable, avoid trouble caused by failure, greatly reduce maintenance cost.

→Routine maintenance is more convenient, improving maintenance efficiency and reducing operating costs.



security turnstiles

▲Guangzhou Media Centre, China- Face Recognition Speed Gate Turnstile CPW-322ES



security turnstiles

▲Ansteel Co., Ltd., Liaoning- Face Recognition Outdoor Speed Gate Turnstile IPW-PM1000



flap barrier

▲Star Ferry Pier, Hongkong- Flap barrier Turnstile CPW-331DS



flap barrier

▲The Factory of Chang'an Automobile Tea Garden, Chongqing- Outdoor Flap barrier Turnstile CPW-331TBS



flap barrier

▲BMW PLANT, Shenyang-Tripod Turnstile CPW-400D



tripod turnstile

▲Duoc UC Melipilla Headquarters, Chile-Tripod Turnstile CPW-400ES



tripod turnstile

▲Changsha Vanke Metropolitan Fragrance Apartment-Full Height Turnstile CPW-221BS



tripod turnstile

▲Midor Refinery Expansion Project- Full Height Turnstile CPW-221AS




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