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With Core Competitiveness in Hand, CMOLO Become a "Victorious General" 2022-06-13



After 15 years’ time test, witness the true power



Since established in 2007, CMOLO has been adhering to the "craftsman spirit" and has been focusing on turnstiles to boost cities build intelligent, safe and efficient pedestrian access management. Rooted in the turnstile industry for nearly 15 years, we pay attention to industry needs and technological changes, focus on research and development, and research turnstile products based on demand, and constantly break through various technical difficulties, thus form the company's core competitiveness.



What core competitiveness CMOLO have?



CMOLO gate



01 Nearly 15 years of experience in the turnstile industry



National Stadium, Singapore- Ticket Checking Tripod Turnstile


Over the past 15 years, CMOLO has worked on turnstiles projects in various scenarios, and has accumulated rich industry experience, covering office buildings, airports, subways, governments, factories, communities, scenic spots, schools, hospitals and other scenarios. Each turnstile project allows us to have a deeper understanding of the scene application and demand changes, and also prompts us to continuously optimize the turnstile products and solutions for each type of scene to meet the current needs.



02 Advanced core technology



CMOLO only makes turnstiles, and devote all time to turnstiles. As a national high-tech enterprise, we attach great importance to R&D, and invest a lot of resources in R&D every year. We carry out research in logic algorithm, drive control, transmission structure, appearance design, sheet metal structure design, material application, environmental applicability, etc., to improve our own technical capabilities and refined product capabilities. After years of R&D and analysis, we have continuously overcome technical difficulties and obtained core patents. We have also created many "black technology" turnstile products, such as mechanical power-off automatic opening subway ticket speed gates, coaxial double mechanism speed gate, anti-collision pedestrian and vehicle shared outdoor speed gate turnstile, double-door interlocking speed gate turnstile, intelligent unattended gate, etc.



 Speed Gate Turnstile

Coaxial Double Mechanism Speed Gate Turnstile  CPW-622CS




03 Professional comprehensive service team



Our team covers R&D, design, sales, production, after-sales support and other elite talents, working together to make the turnstile better. "Focus" has made CMOLO’s "professional", and 15 years of rich experience also built CMOLO's "professional". With our professional ability, we create professional products and provide customers with a full range of professional services. With a high degree of professionalism, customers can obtain correct, efficient and worry-free products and services.



04 Innovation that keeps pace with the times



Based on our strong R&D strength, we give full play to our technological advantages and continue to innovate and reform. The market demand and technical environment are constantly changing, so we must also change accordingly, constantly optimize and innovate turnstile products, improve the technical strength, aesthetics, cost performance and user experience, to adapt to the changes in demand .



 Speed Gate Turnstile

Double-gate Interlocking Turnstile CPW-143Y



05 Strong customization capabilities


Over the past 15 years, CMOLO has done numerous turnstile customizations, and has a very in-depth understanding of all kinds of customization needs, ranging from silk-screen logos, revision of card-swiping panels, to customized new products. Whether it is simple customization or difficult customization, we can do it all. According to the customer's project needs, we will analyze and evaluate, and provide a professional turnstile customization solution, so as to solve the pain points and bring benefits for customers in pedestrian management.



06 Excellent design ability



We are good at technology, and also prefer art, so we like to design nice-looking turnstiles. The designers have more than 10 years of design experience, and have a keen perception of industry trends and product trends. When designing, they will effectively combine technology and art to design turnstiles that take into account both functionality and aesthetics.



 Speed Gate Turnstile

▲Artificial Stone High-end Flap Barrier Turnstile CPW-227Y



07 Strict production and quality control


We produce each turnstile with ingenuity. Under the control of the three management systems of "ISO quality, ISO environment, ISO occupational health and safety", we implement stricter production and quality standards than thisto ensure the quality of turnstiles. At the same time, we have a skilled and experienced production team. Skill and experience determine the production accuracy, which effectively guarantees the quality.



All in all, our core competitiveness is that we can solve the pain points of scene application and provide better turnstiles and services for customers more professionally than others.



What can CMOLO do for the urban AIoT? 



As an endpoint of AIoT, turnstiles are used to manage pedestrian entrances and exits, and at the same time connect to various management systems, break the information island, help the scene to establish an integrated management system, improve the digital management capabilities of various scenes, and bring efficiency and convenience office and living environment to users. 



The turnstile can be integrated with access control system, attendance system, ticketing system, human body temperature measurement system, explosion-proof detection system, face recognition system, document recognition system, VIP management system, etc. Different scenarios can choose the corresponding management system according to their own needs, so as to exert corresponding effects and improve the management level of the scenarios.



  Speed Gate Turnstile

▲Shenzhen National Engineering Laboratory Building-Speed Gate CPW-322ES



 Speed Gate Turnstile

▲Department of Transportation of Guangdong Province-Face Recognition Turnstiles



 Speed Gate Turnstile

▲Old Town of Lijiang, China- Face Recognition Outdoor Turnstile Barrier



IKEA Malaysia- Pedestrian / Cyclist Shared Full Height Turnstile

▲IKEA Malaysia- Pedestrian / Cyclist Shared Full Height Turnstile CPW-251AB01



National Stadium, Singapore- Ticket Checking Tripod Turnstile

▲National Stadium, Singapore- Ticket Checking Tripod Turnstile



Deep cultivation in the turnstile industry over 15 years, CMOLO knows turnstiles very well. In the future, we will continue to study turnstiles, continue to actively explore, constantly surpass ourselves, maintain continuous core competitiveness, and continue to create better turnstile products, to make turnstiles become the core driving force for the intelligent development of pedestrian entrance and exit management




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