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With Design Essenceand Customized Experience, CMOLO Has Optimized and Upgraded Swing Gate Turnstile Again 2020-02-19


Turnstile is a customized product. The application requirements are often different, so the customized requirements of turnstile are not the same. After each turnstile is put into use in the market, we will regularly collect and analyze the customized requirements of the project and the on-site use feedback, to find out the effective information to use.


Product optimization principles: 

① The optimized products can meet the diversified customized requirements.

② The optimized products can be compatible with the system for practical application requirements and the validation methods(for example, access control / attendance / visitor systems, face recognition / fingerprint recognition/ QR code recognition/card verification recognition, etc.).

③ The optimized products can reduce the communication time of customization and delivery time, and can better meet the application requirements of the scene. 


Based on the customization requirements of past projects and considering the trend of future requirements, we have optimized swing gate turnstile recently. With the advantages of speed gate turnstile CPW-622CS and CPW-121Y, we develop a new swing gate turnstile CPW-622ES on the strength of the cabinet of CPW-622CS and the mechanism of CPW-121Y. Combining the essence parts of CPW-622CS & CPW-120Y, CPW-622ES can meet the application requirements of the scene better.


security turnstiles

What are the changes of the new swing gate turnstile CPW-622ES?


security turnstiles

▲ Swing Gate Turnstile CPW-622ES


1. Same beautiful appearance

The cabinet design is more reasonable, with enough space reserved in the middle part and single-layer glass at both sides, so that the whole turnstile can be kept transparent, bright and not heavy.

The overall design is still slim, with small footprint and suitable for more scenes.


2. Same strong performance

High security: Infrared anti-clamping, machinery anti-clamping and electric current detection anti-collision; anti-electric shock; open gate when power off; open gate remotely for emergency. The above functions can ensure the safety of each user, to avoid accidents.

High stability & long life: Passed the life test of 10 million times; original lossless mechanism structure. They can reduce unnecessary maintenance costs and related losses for customers.

Strong compatibility: On the premise that the cabinet has enough space, we have strong customization ability, and can integrate with other systems required by customers.


3. Higher application value

Turnstile is often used with access control system, attendance system, visitor system, ticket checking system, in order to control personnel, manage staff and visitors, check tickets and charge management, etc. The cabinet design of CPW-622ES remains enough space to integrate with these systems, which can meet the management needs of customers quickly and effectively.


security turnstiles

Swing Gate Turnstile CPW-622ES


Market requirements are constantly changing. CMOLO has never stopped its pace, continuing to innovate and considering the future development trend of turnstile requirements, to provide customers with turnstiles and services to meet both current and future requirements, to provide better user experience and more valuable access turnstiles for various scenes.



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