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With the Needs of Personalized Applications, Flap Barrier Turnstile Continues to be Updated 2022-04-11



CMOLO flap barrier turnstiles are customized for multiple industries and scenes to match various personalized application needs. We have various flap barrier turnstiles to meet various needs. With the changes in the technical environment and market demand, we have been continuously optimizing and upgrading various pedestrian turnstiles, so that users can enjoy advanced, intelligent and user-friendly products to better enable the management of pedestrian access control.



After years of updating, what flap barrier turnstiles does CMOLO have?


 flap barrier turnstiles


① Divided by use environment: indoor flap barrier turnstile, outdoor flap barrier turnstile


Indoor artificial stone high-end flap barrier turnstile

▲Indoor artificial stone high-end flap barrier turnstile CPW-227Y


Indoor artificial stone high-end flap barrier turnstile

Outdoor flap barrier turnstile CPW-331TBS


Compared with indoor flap barrier turnstile, outdoor flap barrier turnstile has very high environmental weather resistance, with IP65, high temperature resistance, severe cold resistance and other characteristics, and can be used in environments such as severe cold and heat, wind, frost, rain and snow.


② Divided by the structure of the block body: single-flap flap barrier turnstile, folding-flap flap barrier turnstile


 high-end flap barrier turnstile 

▲  Intelligent retractable flap barrier turnstile CPW-331TA



Auto-ticketing metro flap barrier 

▲  Auto-ticketing metro flap barrier turnstile RPW-TSG3000



The CMOLO folding flap structure adopts a combined double crank connecting rod structure design. The movement speed curve and acceleration curve are very smooth, making the mechanism smooth, agile and low noise during operation.



The function of the folding flap is that the lane width can be increased without changing the width of the cabinet to meet the needs of pedestrians carrying luggage, baby carriage, wheelchairs, etc. It not only maintains the aesthetics, but also expands the practicality.



③ Divided by the material of the block body: hard-flap flap barrier turnstile, soft-flap flap barrier turnstile


 Auto-ticketing metro flap barrier

▲ Hard-flap flap barrier turnstile CPW-226Y


Soft-flap flap barrier turnstile

▲ Soft-flap flap barrier turnstile RPW-201



The flaps are generally made of acrylic glass (hard flaps) and fireproof PU (soft flaps). Both materials are available for single flap turnstile, and fireproof PU is generally used for folding flap turnstile. Compared with hard flaps, soft flaps are safer, and even if pedestrian is pinched by the soft flaps, the pain is very light.



Various pedestrian flap gate turnstiles can meet various application scenes



No matter we go home, go to work, go on business trip or travel, we all have the opportunity to see various flap barrier turnstiles. Common places include residence community, office buildings, government, factory parks, airports, metro stations, high-speed rail stations, scenic spots, schools, hospitals, gymnasiums, leisure places, etc.



The flap needs to be retracted inside the cabinet, so the width of the cabinet cannot be smaller than the width of the flap, which determines that the flap barrier turnstile cannot be too small and cannot be made as slim as the speed gate turnstile. It is also beneficial to have a slightly larger body for flap barrier turnstile, that is, many system accessories can be installed inside the cabinet without external ones. For example, the subway ticketing flap barrier turnstile is relatively large in size. In addition to the accessories of the turnstile system, it also integrates various accessories for identification, ticket checking, and charging system etc.


Like the speed gate turnstile, the flap barrier turnstile has a powerful core algorithm.



The pedestrian flap barrier turnstile adopts the patented passing detection algorithm and matrix photoelectric stereo detection technology independently developed by CMOLO, which can accurately and quickly identify the status of pedestrians in the passage and their passing behaviors such as authorized passing, tailgating, and reverse, thereby effectively protecting the passage safety of pedestrians. At the same time, it can efficiently manage pedestrian entrances and exits for various scenes, building a digital, intelligent, and IOT management system.




Soft-flap flap barrier turnstile 

Retractable metro flap barrier turnstile RPW-201



What are the competitive advantages of the speed gate turnstile through continuously upgrading?



Among all types of turnstiles, the opening and closing speed of the flap barrier turnstile is the very fast. Under the standard passing state, the flap barrier turnstile has very high passing efficiency, which is especially suitable for scenes with high user flow.



The safety is very high, with triple anti-pinch capabilities of "infrared anti-pinch, mechanical anti-pinch, and current detection anti-pinch".



The stability is very high, the life is long, and the MTBF is more than 10 million times.



The structure of the flap has been optimized and has three-dimensional protection ability, which can withstand the impact force from all directions without easily damaging the mechanism. This advantage is not available in other types of turnstiles.



It can be used at high frequency and is suitable for scenes with high user flow, such as subway stations, high-speed railway stations, BRT stations and other places with high passenger traffic during peak hours.



The modular design can not only shorten the lead time, but also improve the maintenance efficiency.



With large size and high integration, flap barrier turnstile can integrate a variety of supporting systems.



High compatibility and multiple interfaces are reserved for subsequent optimization and upgrading.



In addition, the subway flap barrier turnstile also has a mechanical power-off automatically open the gate. In the event of power failure, the flap can automatically retract into the cabinet to form an open state, quickly evacuate crowds, and greatly improve security level.



 Office building flap barrier turnstile

▲ Office building flap barrier turnstile CPW-226Y



Where are CMOLO’S pedestrian flap barrier turnstile used?



—01 Office building



Flap barrier turnstiles i

Flap barrier turnstiles installed at SDIC Gansu Xiaosanxia Power Generation Co., Ltd.



Single-flap flap barrier

▲Single-flap flap barrier turnstile & folding-flap flap barrier turnstile installed at Changsha Jiaxi International Center


—02 Public transport 



Ticketing machine and updated QR code gate

▲ Ticketing machine and updated QR code module installed at Shenzhen Metro



  Face recognition outdoor flap barrier turnstiles

▲ Face recognition outdoor flap barrier turnstiles installed at Ningbo wharf


—03 Scenic spot



 Face recognition outdoor flap barrier turnstiles

▲Face recognition outdoor flap barrier turnstiles installed at Old Town of Lijiang, Yunan


—04 Factory



 Outdoor flap barrier turnstiles 

▲Outdoor flap barrier turnstiles installed at Chongqing Changan automobile factory



Outdoor flap barrier turnstiles

▲ Card-swiping flap barrier turnstiles installed at one oil factory, Indonesia


—05 Residence community



   Outdoor flap barrier turnstiles

▲Outdoor flap barrier turnstiles & cylindrical speed gate turnstiles installed at Jiaxing Vanke Xiangzhang International residence community



—06 School



Access flap barrier turnstiles installed at Nigeria Green Spring School 

▲  Access flap barrier turnstiles installed at Nigeria Green Spring School



After years of upgrading, CMOLO has made many technological breakthroughs in the field of pedestrian flap barrier turnstiles, including the independently developed core patented logic algorithm, the high-safety triple anti-pinch technology, the actual 10 million times testing of the mechanism and its control system, applied in mechanical power-off automatic door opening technology of subway flap barrier turnstiles, folding-flap technology combined with double crank connecting rod structure, environmental weather resistance technology of outdoor flap barrier turnstiles, etc.



In the future, CMOLO will also continue to explore new technologies, promote the technological innovation of pedestrian flap barrier turnstiles, making more innovative pedestrian flap barrier turnstiles and solutions, and build intelligent, high safety and high efficiency pedestrian access control management system to meet the needs of various scenes.





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