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You Don’t need to Worry About Damaging the Turnstile When You Drive A Small Motorcycle 2021-03-13


In some places, people go in and out with bicycles, electric cars, and motorcycles.

For example, housing estates, factories, schools, government agencies, hospitals...

Have you seen such a scene every day when you are in and out?

Someone accidentally hits the turnstile by riding a bicycle?

The troublemaker and the security guard will think: Has the turnstile been smashed?

Oops, it's broken! It's not bad, utter a sigh of relief!

Two results, everyone hopes the latter

So, are there any turnstiles that can't be damaged?


Outdoor Speed Gate Turnstile IPW-PM1000



Find the bright spot from the video - "the turnstile has good anti-collision",

The motorcycle hits the swing gate. After the motorcycle leaves the passageway, the swing door recovers automatically. The motorcycle driver swipes the card again, the turnstile can still work normally, and the turnstile is not damaged.

Is this the turnstile you like?



How important is the anti-collision function?

If the turnstile has not good anti-collision, it will be easily broken.

The first thing that is affected is traffic. If a few turnstiles are broken, there will be fewer passageways, which may cause congestion.

Find someone to repair it, it’s too trouble, and you have to spend some costs

Also may get some complaint

If the turnstile has good anti-collision, none of these things exist.



How does CMOLO's turnstile realize anti-collision?

The anti-collision speed gate turnstile IPW-PM1000 adopts an elastic swing gate design, which can withstand frequent violent impacts, and can effectively absorb the impact force by self-buffering and self-repairing methods, to protect the swing gate and mechanism.

Within the limited impact force, it can withstand 200KGf external hitting.

The impact of motorcycles can be sustained, not to mention bicycles and electric vehicles.



Where are all CMOLO's anti-collision speed gate turnstiles used?

Government Offices Administration, Shanxi Province, China,

The head office of People's Bank of China, 

Wuhan Construction Engineering Group, China,

China National Petroleum, 

Ansteel Group, China,

Cangzhou Power Grid, China,

Beijing BOE Technology Group, China,

Shunde Heyuan Scenic Area, China,

Beijing Zhongxin Guo An Fu Residence Community, China


Face recognition outdoor turnstile

▲Government Offices Administration, Shanxi Province, China - Face recognition outdoor turnstile


Outdoor turnstile

▲China National Petroleum - Outdoor turnstile


Face recognition outdoor turnstile

▲Ansteel Group - Face recognition outdoor turnstile


Outdoor turnstile

▲Shunde Heyuan Scenic Area - Outdoor turnstile





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